The Texas Fair Trade Coalition (TFTC) is a diverse, nonpartisan coalition of labor, environmental, community, family farm, religious, and human rights organizations. Since its founding in 2002, TFTC has been on the forefront of efforts to educate Texans about the impact of trade on their lives and on the world around them. We have also worked to turn the growing awareness of the dangers of corporate-led globalization into real democratic action for change. Our member organizations are united in a common fight against harmful NAFTA-model trade agreements. We support trade reform that is fair to workers, the environment, family farmers and public health, here and around the world.

The Texas Fair Trade Coalition is an affiliate of the Citizens Trade Campaign.

TFTC Members Include
Texas Building and Construction Trades Council
El Paso Central Labor Union
Texas Farmers Union
Fuerza Unida
Texas – AFT
Texas State Association of Electrical Workers
Harris County AFL-CIO
IBEW Local 60
IBEW Local 66
IBEW Local Union 520
USW Local 746-L
IBEW Local 681
USWA Local 4134
Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers (Houston}
USWA Local 4895
North Texas Jobs With Justice
USWA Local 1157-L
San Antonio Central Labor Council
USW Local Union 13-423
SEIU, Local 5
USW Local Union 5613
Sheet Metal Workers Local Union 54
United Steelworkers District 13
Teamsters/Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
IUEC (Elevator Constyructors) Local 133
Iron Workers Local 263
Southwest Pipe Trades Assoc. – UA
Road Sprinkler Fitters – Texas

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