Stop the Colombia FTA

The NYCTC is working hard to oppose the passage of the NAFTA-expansion into Colombia. The proposed FTA would do nothing to address the ongoing economic inequality and environmental degredation caused by free trade. No labor, environmental, family farm or faith groups support this FTA with Colombia — a country with a horrendous human rights record.

With this FTA the US would be entering a trade agreement with a country where over 2,500 labor leaders and activists have been murdered since 1984. Over 43 union leaders have been murdered in 2008, an increase from the numbers of deaths in 2007. Read a recent statement from AFL-CIO President John Sweeney on this FTA.

Follow the latest news and reports on this unfair trade.

Act Now to Oppose the Colombia FTA
Our Congress need to take a strong stand against this disregard for workers rights and human dignity by opposing this FTA. Several NY Members of Congress have yet to take a public stance on this issue. Urge your Member of Congress to oppose publicly oppose the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement:

  • By phone: Call (202) 224-3121 and ask the capitol switchboard operator to connect you to your member’s office. Check here for a sample script when calling your legislators. You can call three times – to reach your Representative, and both Senators Schumer and Clinton.
  • By email: The AFL-CIO has launched an email campaign opposing the Colombia FTA. Enter your information and send an email directly to your Congressperson.

Trade Agreements like this have been shaped behind closed doors and outside of our democracy for far too long. A handful of contacts can make a huge difference. Let our legislators now that we are holding them accountable.

Get talking points and fact sheets US-Colombia FTA.

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