The NYCTC is a non-profit 501(c)4 organization and we need your financial support. With your help we can strongly oppose future unfair NAFTA model trade policies. And we can continue to promote fair trade policies that benefit a majority of the world’s people, and workers, family farmers, and environments throughout New York.

Each of us is impacted by the far-reaching consequences of trade agreements. For too long the way we trade has been shaped by corporate interests alone. Grassroots organizing for change is the most powerful way to make our trade policy transparent, democratic, and fair.

The NYCTC unites local leaders and community members to bring a democratic voice to trade policy. Join this strong network of engaged citizens as an individual member to make trade fair in New York.

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NYCTC works in coalition with a wide variety of organizations across the state that have a stake in changing our trade policies.  As a Coalition member your organization will have the opportunity to work powerfully with other members to influence NY legislators and promote fair trade. Your organization will have a seat on the NYCTC Steering Committee which sets the direction, strategy, and focus of the Coalition.

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