Executive Director

Russell Lum

Russell is an organizer who feels at home in a coalition with labor, environmental advocates, community groups and more, to win international policy to the actual benefit of people—we who stand on either and all of the sides of the world’s borders.  Russell has organized to transform the system of global corporate power in the context of Occupy Wall Street.  Another People-oriented movement, the Bernie movement, got Russell’s participation, in the sense that he was a field organizer for Bernie 2016 in a couple of states.  He has also served in a profession of care—as a non-ordained minister to university students.  Further, he was previously a representative in justice and peace advocacy for an order of Catholic sisters, with whom he lived, in community.


Board of Directors

Julia DeGraw – formerly, Northwest Senior Organizer, Food & Water Watch
Madelyn Elder – Chief Financial Officer, Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. and formerly, President, CWA Local 7901
Renato Quintero – Vice President, SEIU Local 49