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Dave Philpott
Vale, OR
475 jobs lost due to CAFTA
Plant closure: Amalgamated Sugar Nyssa, OR 2005
If I had five minutes with Gordon Smith I would ask him how he thinks CAFTA would be good when so many jobs are being lost. Is he not aware of the jobs that were lost? Do they not count?”
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Cassie Simms
650 jobs lost
due to NAFTA

Plant Closure: JR Simplot
Hermiston, OR 2004
“I can’t imagine closing a plant of 650 employees not having an impact on a community. I can’t picture that. I can drive around and see practically on every block one to two houses empty.”
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Owen Froer
Nyssa, OR
Sugar Beets, Mint, Asparagus, Pototoes, other
“Some of the politicians want to cater to big corporations but they are just wiping out the farmers of this nation.”
“There is no level playing field; in Mexico they can use cheap labor and young kids to produce crops. We can’t do that and we don’t want to do that…”
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74,500 Oregonians lost jobs due to NAFTA-style free trade agreements since 1994.

Now we’re holding elected officials accountable for trade policies that eliminate and outsource Oregon jobs.

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Laid-off workers, small business owners, grower, ranchers, and elected leaders — we bring our voices through the Stories Project. Speaking up is the first step to challenging NAFTA-style free trade policies

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