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Support slips in Oregon for international trade treaties The Portland Tribune 6/30/2016

Fast Track Democrats won’t be on stage at Labor Day Picnic Northwest Labor Press 6/28/2016

Clinton commits: No TPP, Fundamentally Rethink Trade Policies The Huffington Post 5/10/2016

Clinton opposes TPP vote in the lame-duck session The Hill 5/6/2016

Hillary: “I oppose the TPP agreement – and that means before and after the election DailyKos 5/6/2016

Clinton does not back Obame trade vote in post-election congressional session The Washington Post 5/5/2016

TPP deal a win for corporations, a blow to climate and workers Street Roots 3/24/2016

Portland should denounce TPP deal Street Roots 3/24/2016

What’s next for TPP? A stealth vote? Northwest Labor Press 3/23/2016

Group protest Nike backed trade deal KPTV (Fox) 12 3/21/2016

Protest planned against Nike deal with human right violator Brunei Street Roots 3/17/2016

Congresswoman Bonamici still undecided on TPP Northwest Labor Press 3/1/2016

Merkley will Oppose Pacific Trade Pact Portland Tribune 2/17/2016

Lets Not Trade Away the USA The Tigard, Tualatin, and Sherwood Times 2/11/2016

Guest of Rep. Peter DeFazio at State of the Union has seen effect of trade agreements firsthand The Register-Guard, 1/13/2016

China is Killing Oregon’s Paper Mills by Barbara Dudley The Oregonian 1/3/2016

Prescription Drugs and the Trans-Pacific Partnership by Dr. Samuel Metz The Oregonian 1/2/2016

Mill Workers Gain Ally The Newberg Graphic 12/16/2015

Laid-off Newberg Paper Mill Workers Protest Trade Deal Portland Business Journal 12/9/2015

Getting the TPP right: What needs to happen in Hawaii by Senator Jeff Merkley in The Hill 7/31/15

Hard feelings linger after Fast Track vote NW Labor Press 7/23/2015

A Month After Trade Vote, Bad Blood Persists Between the Left and Democrats: A vote for the fast-track authority could cost Earl Blumenauer his bike pin National Journal 7/20/2015

Wyden fields questions during Medford town hall meeting Mail Tribune 7/19/2015

Opponents Doubling Down Against TPP in Wake of Fast Track Portland Occupier (7/8/15) Great article about our 6/30 action at Rep. Schrader’s!

Air Force One Serves as Reward for Obama Trade Allies Bloomberg (7/2/15)                 “Ron Wyden’s thank-you arrived in May, when Air Force One touched down in Portland for a pro-trade rally at Nike Inc. headquarters, starring the president.”

Obama Bolsters His Leverage With Trade Victory, but at a Cost New York Times (6/24/15) “Representative Peter A. DeFazio…said the president should listen to his party and address concerns about the labor and environmental standards and investor protections in the agreement. If not, he said, Democrats will fight him again.”

Wednesday’s ‘fast track’ trade vote is far from the end of this issue for Oregon’s Ron Wyden The Oregonian (6/24/15)

Will Dems rescue Obama’s trade pact? Politico (6/12/15)                                                         “‘If the president wants this whole package so desperately, if the Republicans want it so desperately, Corporate America wants it so desperately, they can do a little bit more for the workers and maybe even improve the whole thing,’ DeFazio told POLITICO after the meeting.”

Free trade — a litmus test for labor NW Labor Press (6/16/15)

House Democrats sink part of Obama Trade Bill CNN (6/13/15)                                         “The President tried to both guilt people and impugn their integrity. I was insulted,”            – Rep. Peter DeFazio

Pedalpalooza Ride Stopped Fast-Track! Well, No, But… The Portland Mercury (6/12/15)

Oregon Congressman Kurt Schrader calls AFL-CIO president a ‘bully’ NW Labor Press (6/12/15)

House rejects Obama request for fast-track trade bill authority The Oregonian (6/12/15)

Moment of truth arrives for Obama trade deal Politico (6/11/15)                                         Rep. Peter DeFazio: “You’re telling us we’ve got to facilitate your deal on this TAA — which is not a very good package — and the president can’t do anything. And I said, ‘That’s bullshit.’ And it is. It’s bullshit.”

Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement unwise and unfair Statesman Journal (6/1/15)  Letter to the editor

Oregon’s Divide Over Fast Track Trade Blue Oregon (05/29/15)

Free Traders to Food Consumers: Get Lost Blue Oregon (05/28/15)

Here’s how much corporations paid US senators to fast-track the TPP bill The Guardian (05/27/15)

Merkley’s Statement on His NO Vote For Fast Track Trade Authority My Central Oregon (05/26/15)

Fighting Back Against Fast Track’s More of the Same KBOO, Labor Radio (05/25/15)

Ron Wyden Calls NAFTA Insufficient Now; In 1993, He Called It a “Vote For Less Pollution” Naked Capitalism (5/22/15)

Trade pact would be bad for family farmers (OPINION) The Oregonian (05/15/15)

Who Can You Trust on Fast Track and TPP? Blue Oregon (05/15/15)

When it comes to trade policy, it’s déjà vu all over again. The Hill (05/13/15)                  Over 2,500 small businesses in Oregon Main Street Alliance urge Congress to oppose Fast Track for the TPP.

Hotseat: Earl Blumenauer and Peter Defazio Willamette Week (05/13/15)                        Two Oregon congressmen—divided over free trade—disagree about what a Trans-Pacific deal would mean.

Greens Turn Against Longtime Ally Earl Blumenauer Over Trade Deal National Journal (05/12/15)

Why Obama went to Oregon to push Congress on trade agreements The Washington Post (05/11/15)

Scenes from the protest outside Nike’s headquarters Portland Business Journal (05/08/15)                                                                                                                                                 About our protest of Obama’s trade speech at Nike 5/8

Obama at Nike headquarters: why push trade deal at an outsourcing giant? The Guardian (05/08/15)

Obama steps in with outsourcer at Nike CNN (05/08/15)

Obama in Portland: Anti-TPP protesters outside Nike condemn ‘corporate greed’ (photos, video) The Oregonian (05/08/15)                                                                                                       About our protest of Obama’s trade speech at Nike 5/8

Obama to Democrats on Asia trade pact: like Nike, ‘just do it’ Reuters (05/08/15)

Obama, at Nike HQ, makes progressive case for trade USA Today (05/08/15)

President Barack Obama Comes to Nike (And Not For New Shoes) Willamette Week (05/08/15)

Dinner, Data Part of Obama’s Courting of Democrats on Trade Bloomberg (05/08/15)       “By the time Air Force One touched down in Oregon before a pro-trade pep rally at Nike Inc., Representative Suzanne Bonamici already had gotten the full Barack Obama treatment.”

Bernie Sanders to Obama on Nike trip: Just Don’t Do It! Yahoo (05/07/15)

Local ‘Makers’ Decline to Meet Obama at Nike, and Take A Shot at the Swoosh Portland Monthly (05/07/15)

Obama to Launch Pacific Trade Pact Defense at Nike Headquarters The Wall Street Journal (05/07/15)

Free trade critics hit Obama over Nike visit USA Today (05/7/15)

Wyden and Blumenauer Push for Fast Track – What They’re Saying (And What They’re Not) Blue Oregon (04/28/15)

How Ron Wyden became the left’s scourge on trade Politico (04/19/15)

Calls for Transparency, Job Protections in New Trade Agreement Public News Service (04/17/15): PORTLAND, Ore. – Oregon workers will rally Saturday in six cities to keep their congressional delegation well aware of opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Ron Wyden reaches deal on ‘fast track’ trade bill with key Republicans The Oregonian (04/16/15)

Activists in Blimp, RV Target Sen. Ron Wyden Over Trade Deal The Wall Street Journal (04/07/15)

Wyden focuses on ‘Fast Track’ during visit [to La Grande] (03/16/15)

Ron Wyden’s Internet freedom allies fret he’ll abandon them on trade pact (03/16/15)

Senator tackles wide range of questions at Umatilla County gathering (03/16/15)

Internet Activists Pressure Senator Ron Wyden with 30-foot Blimp (03/13/15)

Rep. Schrader answers questions at town hall in Salem (03/12/15)

Free-trade opponents rally in downtown Portland (03/09/15)

KGW-SALEM (NBC) Senator Wyden: Trade (03/06/15)

In free-trade fight, Ron Wyden emerges as key negotiating figure in Congress (03/06/15)

Fast track fight begins (03/03/15)

Fate of Obama’s Trade Agenda May Rest on Oregon Senator (03/02/15)

Wyden should side with Merkley, working families on trade agreement (OPINION) (02/28/15)

Sen. Merkley speaks out on U.S. Trade Policy (02/26/15)

KOPB-FM (Radio) – Portland, OR  (02/19/15)

KGW-POR (NBC) coverage for the Fair Trade or BusTour – Portland, OR KGW News at 6 (02/18/15)

KOIN-POR (CBS) coverage for the Fair Trade or BusTour – Portland, OR KOIN 6 News at Noon(02/18/15)

US Commerce Secretary And Unions Clash On Trade Agreement (02/18/15)

Trans-Pacific Partnership on The Abe and Joe Talk Radio Show (02/17/15)

Oregon Fair Trade Campaign to rally at Rep. Suzanne Bonamici’s Beaverton office (02/16/15)

Groups Warn Big Trade Deal Could Mean Big Problems for Oregon (02/11/15)

Where is Ron Wyden on Fast Track and TPP? (01/30/15)

Climate March and Trans Pacific Partnership (09/22/14)

Wyden Warned: Don’t Fast Track Trade Agreement  (09/02/14)

Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley paper over differences on trade pacts as they unite for campaign (09/02/14)


LTE in response to Oregonian Ed Board’s “Don’t blame economic problems on trade: Editorial Agenda 2014” (08/30/14)

Portland forum on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (08/14/14)

TPP Remains Major Threat: GMO Labeling Coming to Oregon Ballot  (06/26/14)

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Trade Agreement Protesters Deliver Message to Wyden (01/27/14)

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Nearly 2,000 Oregon jobs lost to trade in 2012 (02/12/13)

Oregon lost more than 1,900 jobs because of trade, labor group says (02/07/13)

Labor group says trade pacts costs Oregon jobs (02/07/13)

TPP: The biggest secret you don’t know (03/31/12)

Beer & Chocolate Fest a Treat for the Tastebuds (08/05/11)

Over 4,500 Salem-Area Jobs at Risk Under Proposed Korean Trade Pact (07/18/11)

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37,000 Oregon Jobs at Risk Under Proposed Korean Trade Pact (01/25/11)

Oregon Legislators Warn of Trade Deal’s Threat to State Sovereignty (08/31/10)

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Public Forum: Food Security, Immigration and “Free Trade” (06/01/10)

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Senator Urged to Change Trade Policies that Offshore Oregon Jobs (02/18/10)

ORFTC Comments on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement (01/25/10)

Statement on the White House Plan for a Pacific Rim Trade Agreement (12/15/09)

Oregonians Demonstrate Against the WTO Again (12/05/09)

Displaced Workers Urge President to Remember Trade Promises During G-20 (09/16/09)

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Portland Has Ties to Massacre in the Amazon (07/22/09)

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Fair Trade a Winning Election Issue in Oregon (11/06/08)

Trade Pacts Cost Oregon Over 74,000 Jobs (10/28/08)

Nearly 1-in-5 Oregon Jobs Vulnerable to Offshoring, Study Finds (10/03/08)

U.S. Senate Candidate Details His Views on Trade (08/27/08)

Affluent Traders of Oregon Welcomes “Corporate America Wins with Trade” (08/18/08)

Trade Pacts Cost Oregon Over 10,000 Forest Products Jobs (08/13/08)

Free Trade Agreements Have Hurt Mid-Willamette, Residents Say (06/11/08)

New Trade Reform Bill Addresses Public Demand for Change (06/04/08)

Presidential Candidates Get Specific on Trade(05/14/08)

Rep. Hooley Criticized for Indecision on Human Rights and Oregon Jobs (05/07/08)