PA Fair Trade Coalition


West Mifflin Panel with Congressman Doyle

The PA Fair Trade Coalition has partnered up with the United Steelworkers Rapid Response and Central Labor Councils throughout the state to educate the public on the dangers of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Click on the links to learn more about these events!

Pittsburgh, PA April 22, 2014

Bethlehem, PA April 18, 2016

Johnstown, PA   April 14, 2016



Johnstown Panel

York, PA March 30, 2016

Wilkes-Barre, PA March 24, 2016

Beaver, PA March 21, 2016

Farrell, PA March 15, 2016

Montgomery County/Collegeville, PA March 14, 2016

Boothwyn, PA  February 17, 2016

Coatesville, PA February 15, 2016

Reading, PA February 2, 2016


Miscellaneous Statewide Trade Work


Supporting “STOP the TPP”

Letters to the Editor from our Members & Allies

Rep. Murphy’s District

Rep. Dent’s District

Rep. Rothfus District


Working Families Radio

TAA Claims from 2011-2012 in Pennsylvania There are over 6800 total claims since the inception of TAA in Pennsylvania!!!   See the MAP by clicking below!

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Background on PAFTC: The Pennsylvania Fair Trade Coalition (PAFTC) is a statewide coalition of labor, family farm, faith, environmental and student organizations whose mission is to work for socially, economically and environmentally just trade policies which promote a fair global economy and to oppose unjust, unsustainable trade policies. We believe the NAFTA-WTO model of globalization has failed the U.S. and our trading partners. During the NAFTA-WTO era, we have seen one out of every four U.S. manufacturing jobs destroyed and real wages decline as income inequity has soared. Since 2000 Pennsylvania has lost over 200,000 manufacturing jobs.