PAFTC Mission

The mission of the Pennsylvania Fair Trade Coalition is to work for socially, economically and environmentally just trade policies which promote a fair global economy and to oppose unjust, unsustainable trade policies.

The purpose of the Pennsylvania Fair Trade Coalition (PAFTC) is to educate, organize and mobilize organizations and individuals to work for just trade policies and a fair global economy that respects working people, family farmers, our environment and our democracy. We realize this purpose through education, statewide organizing and coalition building among environmental, labor, consumer, family farm, religious and other civil society groups, state and national legislative work and lobbying and the promotion of local and global fair trade alternatives. The PAFTC works to help make the connections between international trade and economic policies and their local impact on Pennsylvania workers, small businesses, Pennsylvania’s environment and Pennsylvania’s democracy. We recognize the diversity and respect the views of our member organizations.