Replace NAFTA National Day of Action

December 13, 2017

We are in midst of the sixth round of NAFTA 2.0 talks.  What can we say is going on, in this tense, consequential process (to wrestle with 23 years of loss to communities due to the North American Free Trade Agreement)?  A straight-ahead news article/update here.

  • Senator #Bernie Sanders, Randi Weingarten, Rosa DeLauro, Simone Campbell, many others are rallying in DC for our #ReplaceNAFTA Day of Action.
  • All over the country, a nationwide call-in day on #NAFTA — today — means citizens will be loud and clear in getting the message to their members of Congress that there is a way forward, to transform NAFTA into a deal that works for working people.  If you’re seeing this, you’re helping.  Go here and dial your member of Congress to ask that they demand…

that NAFTA’s renegotiation put people ahead of corporations by eliminating NAFTA’s job outsourcing incentives and adding labor, environmental and climate provisions that meet fundamental international standards, include swift and certain enforcement, and raise wages for all workers. A vote should not be held until these essential standards are met.

Step out on your email and social media (like, post this image — and other Replace NAFTA alerts, going forward) to show our reach and our unity and strength.

This is the coalition (… labor, environmental, consumer, faith and farm groups… these leaders speaking in the DC rally/presser today…)  that defeated the TPP.  And we’re having an impact on the direction NAFTA is heading.  And we flat-out must.

After the current #NAFTArenegotiation round, a round occurs in Montreal, January 23-27.  Rubber has been hitting the road on the (fiercely) competing visions for a NAFTA 2.0.  And it will continue to.  Our window for our impact is wide open; hear and spread our demand in:

– eliminating the job-outsourcing incentive that is the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (#ISDS) chapter

– adding labor, environmental, and climate provisions that meet fundamental international standards, including with swift and certain enforcement

– raising the wages for workers in Mexico, which will lift up all, by slowing the corporate search across borders for the lowest common denominator of labor cost

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