Quick hits on what’s been going on with NAFTA and Congress

Lawmakers serving on the Energy and Commerce Committee waded through complexities having to do with the new NAFTA — whether it shields tech companies from liability for third parties that violate decency standards on their platforms. Oregon Rep. Greg Walden stated his preference that the Energy and Commerce Committee be given better engagement by the administration (where its proposed trade policies touch internet issues). Instead, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer declined the Committee’s invitation to appear before them Wednesday.

Vice President Mike Pence, featured in a new video made by Public Citizen (check it out here), continued his tour of U.S. cities so as to promote the new NAFTA, which — for lack of provisions demanded by Democrats — hasn’t yet earned a scheduling of Congressional vote.

Other voices recently weighing in on the trade deal’s pace and status include AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, the Machinists union, and former USTR Miriam Sapiro. While President Trumka (plus, President Martinez of IAM one week after) say to Congress not to act too quickly, Sapiro insists Congress should not ask for too many modifications or wait too long in case the president loses patience in pushing a new NAFTA.

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