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The Maine Fair Trade Campaign’s next meeting:  9:00-11:00 Wed Dec. 21, 2016.
Place: Viles Arboretum, 153 Hospital St, Augusta ME.

Our TPP petitions are now archived:
You can download our No TPP petition , collect signatures, mail them back. You can also sign : our No TPP 4 ME ! petition on line.
other signatures & petitions:   National Citizen Trade Campaign NoTPP Petition,and the NoTPP for Maine (to members of Congress)and  also the:  Fight Climate Change- Stop the TPP  Petition(Naomi Klein)
Archived petitions: spring 2015 FAST TRACK petition – or the  Maine specific TPP 2013  petition click here .Click here to sign up for monthly briefing calls about the TPP

At MFTC’s annual  2015 meeting (flier) in  March Michaud  was Keynote Speaker (video)
Commissioner Treat also spoke about trade deal impacts on Maine
Maine Fair Trade’s 2014-2015 FAST TRACK petition: The expired Fast Track  mechanism must not be resuscitated – any “Smart Track” TPA- trade authority legislation must not become Fast Track in disguise. Please sign on!(or download a short version and collect signatures)
-For March TPP events across the country check out
-January 8, 2015 Rally for Unity, Shenna Bellows talks FAST TRACK & our petition
-June 26, 2014 CTPC Public Hearing link for access: Part One, Part Two
-URGENT: Please ask your legislator:”say no” to FastTrack -bill  submitted Jan 9, 2014!(The Camp-Baucus Fast Track Bill Number:HR.3830 and S.1900)-USTR proposes Public Interest Trade Advisory Committee)

Blurb Collins MFTC Nov 2013 meeting 300
Please sign our collaborative Trans-Pacific_Partnership Petition:

Our petition & message to Senators Collins and King: Vote for Fair Trade!
Dear Senators Collins and Senator King,
We are opposed to giving President Obama Fast Track Authority that would undermine the ability of Congress to have a voice in trade agreements. We urge you to vote against Fast Track and to make the TPP negotiating process transparent and accountable to the people. (Poster art by:ARRT) Animated ARRT

Maine’s June 2013 Fast Track resolution:Fast Track Resolution Maine Legislature 2013
Find out more about the CTPC:
Rep.Treat’s CTPC TPP summary: