May 1, 2016 Representative Poliquin opposes TPP in SunJournal
April 20 2016 Poliquin goes on record to oppose the TPP
Feb 4 2016 TPP is signed by 12 countries Pingree opposed to TPP
January 2016 MFTC team  committed to contacting each Congress member about TPP.
(Jan 15-Rep.Poliquin, Jan 19-Rep.Pingree, Jan 25-Sen. King, Jan 25-Sen.Collins)

Mike Croteau USW36 Madison Paper Mill President & MFTC President Phinney discuss TPP with State Office Rep. Patricia Aho for Senator Susan Collins


Chief of Staff Jesse Connolly, Matt Beck, Cynthia Phinney discuss TPP with Congresswoman Chellie Pingree

November 5, 2015 TPP text is made public.
Representative Pingree:”I do not think the TPP is the right path forward” Dec 9,2015  Pingree’s statement on TPP Nov 5
–Senator Collin’s Nov 10 Constituent letter (undecided)
–Senator King: Jan 2016 Constituent letter (TPA no vote and thoughts on TPP) Nov 16 Constituent letter (undecided)
Representative Poliquin ” I look forward to meeting with Mainers and listening to their thoughts on the TPP”
October 5, 2015 TPP negotiations finalized. Maine Congressional  Legislator statements:
Senator King ‘s reply to constituent 10/22
-Senator Collins
Representative Pingree‘s Constituent reply 10/19
-Representative Poliquin

April 16, Fast Track Bill is re-introduced(Entire ME. delegation voted No on Fast Track 2015)
Representative Pingree’s Statement April 16.
-Representative  Bruce Poliquin Fast Track  constituent letter April 2015
-Senator King’s FastTrackResponse2015_letter to constituent_April 2015 “I can’t justify supporting a process that, in effect, would approve a major trade deal that has substantial stakes for Maine when we haven’t seen it. ..And I have serious concerns that the Trans Pacific Partnership will put Maine companies-and their workers-at a significant competitive disadvantage. I just don’t know how to explain to Maine people that they have to compete straight up with countries with little or no labor protections, weak environmental standards, and wages below a dollar an hour.” May 22, 2015 Voting No on Fast Track
Senator Collins Opposition to TPP  support for TAA &  Collins’ FastTrack response to constituent April 2015
“Workers across Maine have a hard-earned reputation as some of the most industrious and dedicated employees in the world. Today, I voted against the Trade Promotion Authority(TPA) legislation to protect Mainers from the disadvantages and unfair competition this legislation could impose on our workforce. TPA would pave the way for the Trans Pacific Partnership, which could jeopardize many American jobs.” May 22, 2015-Senate vote on Fast Track_TPA
Maine’s Congressional Delegation Skeptical About Proposed Trade Deals ( MPBN-net)  King:”I am going to be very reluctant about providing what is called ‘fast track authority’ until I know what is being fast tracked.”
Rep. Poliquin
didn’t sign the March  pro-TPA Emmer Letter (InsideTradeEmmerMarch13_2015)
Senator King: Jan. 21, 2015 FastTrack, Trade Constituency letter
Candidate Poliquin responds to question
about Investor-State in trade agreements (MPBN)

MFTC Fall 2014 Questionnaire to ME Federal legislators & Candidates
The congressional delegation we elect makes decisions about how international trade agreements are negotiated and gets to vote on what is negotiated.
The Maine Fair Trade Campaign sent questionnaires on trade issues to all the major party candidates in Maine for Federal office, as well as to Senator Angus King who is not up for election but whose views on the issues are relevant to discussion. The questionnaires were sent by certified mail. We also sent follow-up emails to the candidates who had received questionnaires and did not respond within a short time. Neither Senator King nor either candidate for the Senate responded.
In the First Congressional District, Chellie Pingree responded but Isaac Misiuk did not. Chellie Pingree’s responses are posted.In the Second Congressional District, Emily Cain responded but Bruce Poliquin did not. Emily Cain’s responses are posted.
MFTC  “Bird-Dog” Questions for our Congressional Legislators:
  1. Congress has a constitutional responsibility to carefully review trade agreements. Trade Promotion Authority (sometimes called “Fast Track” or “Smart Track”) would force Congress to simply vote up-or-down on trade agreements with little debate and no amendments. Will you pledge to oppose Trade Promotion Authority?
  2. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is being negotiated behind closed doors with little transparency. Portions that have been leaked show that it will be worse than NAFTA for the State of Maine. Will you oppose the TPP?
  3. Most of the public discussion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership has revolved around the potential impact of the elimination of tariffs on shoe imports that would affect New Balance in Maine. But the TPP is loaded with provisions that will do long-lasting harm to Mainers in many other areas. Will you oppose the TPP on behalf of all Mainers even if a deal is reached to protect New Balance?

Senator Collins Collins Feb2014TPA_TPP letter – response to Constituent
Senator King’s response to MFTC’s fast track letter: King TPP Spring 2013 letter
Representative Michaud’s Statement FastTrack 2014
Representative Pingree’s FastTrack Statement2014
MFTC 2013-02-13 Letter to Congressional Delegation
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