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This is what we’re FOR in a trade agreement. New Rules of the Road.
PPH Sept 27, 2016 Draft Assessment author’s comments fall short
(link to referenced Trostel’s remarks during hearing)
PortlandPressHerald Our View-TPP &shipping jobs overseas
New Balance revives opposition to TPP BostonGlobe April12,2016
March 23, 2016 MFTC guest Speaker Poliquin front page news
March 21, 2016 There’s a good reason to dump on Trade Deals
MaineBeacon Feb 8,2016 Mainers Rally Against TPP Climate Impacts
LSJ Feb 7, 2016 Hemingway TPP is Bad Policy at Many Levels
PPH Feb 4, 2016 Day of TPP signing in New Zealand, Road Show
BDN Feb 3, 2016 Falk: TPP-Job Losses Aren’t the Biggest Problem
BDN Jan 18, 2016 Giles: Why Maine Nurses oppose the TPP
Sun Journal Mary Roussel’s LTE Reject the TPP
PPH: Jan 14, 2016 Obama undermines his own policies with TPP
Maine Public Radio Nov 6 Business leaders Speak Out TPP
on TTIP Reg. Cooperation:Citizen Trade Policy Commission and Publication 2015
TPP to impact Maine Lobster industry
  PPHOct 2015 FFW
Fast Track” abdication of duty PPH Jackimovicz, June 30,2015 Maine Voices
TPP Investment chapter text leaked today March 25, 2015
MFTC President Phinney’s shared article: Trade Deals Nearing Showdown
2015  Jan 19 BDN, Deabay asks Representative Poliquin  for No FAST TRACK
Proposed trade agreement implications, LTE PPH Feb 4, 2014
Jan 27,2014 Representative Pingree: Trade Agreements & Congressional Review
Jan 10, 2014 coverage of FastTrack bill: FreePress &  PortlandPressHerald
Boston Phoenix Dec 3, 2014 Trade Deal Threatens Maine’s Frail Economy
PortlandPressHerald Dec 29, 2013 Kevin Miller’s Outcome of trade talks splits state
Republican Journal: Mainers Say New Trade Deal will hurt local farms, food safety
Representative Michaud: Getting Trade Right
Letter NoFastTrack just released: Michaud, Pingree sign on
NAFTA at 20 Public Citizen
NewTimesRecord Nov 12,2013  Big Deal for Big Business
Kennebec Journal Oct 2013

PortlandPressHerald Oct 7, 2013 Trade deals don’t deliver

Born Letter to the August 8 Sun Journal: Trade Agreement Bad Deal

Deabay  submitted this LTE  to the August 4 Bangor Daily News ;

Maine Voices: Free trade deal protects profits at the expense of  Maine people, jobs.
Beck in the July 17  Portland Press Herald