CTC Member Organizations & State Coalitions

CTC was founded in 1992 to improve the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and is made up of national stakeholders, state affiliate coalitions, and over 340 local and state groups.

At both the national and local levels, CTC facilitates the formation of cross-sectoral coalitions in which diverse interests can come together to share strategy, coordinate advocacy efforts, and promote an alternative vision to the neoliberal model of globalization.

CTC National Member Organizations

Americans for Democratic Action
American Federation of Teachers
Communications Workers of America
Friends of the Earth
Int. Association of Machinists
Int. Brotherhood of Boilermakers
Int. Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Int. Brotherhood of Teamsters
Int. Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers
Int. Union of Painters and Allied Trades
National Farmers Union
National Family Farm Coalition
Public Citizen Global Trade Watch
Sierra Club
United Brotherhood of Carpenters
United Methodist Gen. Board of Church & Society
United Mineworkers of America
United Steelworkers
United Students Against Sweatshops
Witness for Peace

CTC Affiliated State Coalitions

California Fair Trade Coalition
Maine Fair Trade Campaign
Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition
New York – Citizens Trade Campaign
Oregon Fair Trade Campaign
Texas Fair Trade Coalition
Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition
Washington Fair Trade Coalition

Don’t see your state? Contact our national office to find what’s going on with your reps in Congress.

We are united in a common belief that international trade and investment are not ends unto themselves, but instead must be viewed as a means for achieving other societal goals such as economic justice, human rights, healthy communities, and a sound environment.

CTC provides national and local organizations, grassroots trade activists, and ordinary citizens across the U.S. an effective means to have their voices heard in Congress while working at the local level to unify those voices, educate the public and press, and hold elected officials accountable to their constituencies at home.

Read background on Jim Jontz, former Congressman, CTC Director and Board Member, who pushed and perfected this model of organizing.

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