SEATTLE, 1999.


In 1999, five days rocked the world as tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Seattle in protest of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Environmentalists, consumer advocates, labor unions, students, anarchists and pacifists all converged, bringing attention to how the WTO’s laws were affecting democracy around the world.

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“Townsend’s film portrays this moment as a victory for the antiglobalization movement (and the Left, broadly defined), an example of how public opinion, voiced loudly and peaceably, can effect great change in a world that too often seems governed by cronyism and corporate interest.”
Leo Goldsmith, Indiwire

“Battle In Seattle presents a series of very complicated issues that all point towards one conclusion –- that maybe having an unelected governing body control the commerce of all the most powerful nations in the world isn’t such a good idea.”
Robert Cargill, Reviewer for

“[Townsend] said he wanted to make something that would show “the meaning and limits of democracy. “Battle in Seattle” does that.”
David Postman, Seattle Times chief political reporter

“The ability of ordinary people to make a difference – this is the story that the corporate-owned media didn’t show when it focused only on the conflict in the streets.”
Barb Kucera, Workday

“Townsend’s real triumph is in getting beyond the sound bites to grapple with the issues behind the protest. . . . he shines a light on the protests within the WTO that were largely ignored in favor of the splashy spectacle on the streets.”
Sean Axmaker, Seattle Post Intelligencer

“In his directing debut “Battle in Seattle,” actor Stuart Townsend does an impressive job (on a shoestring budget) of re-creating the massive street protests that forced the cancellation of the World Trade Organization summit in 1999.”
-Lou Lumenick, New York Post

“This is one of those must-see movies that may be hard to find outside of a few big cities. . . . Protesters from the Seattle 1999 events were coming up to Townsend and praising him for getting it all “just right.”
Roger Friedman, Fox News

“Ultimately, the average people who stand toe-to-toe against riot police, chanting peacefully and preparing to be attacked, get their voices heard. In that way, there is something beautiful about Battle in Seattle. The movie reminds us that people can make a difference, that nonviolent protestors can make a stand for what they believe in, and can open the world’s eyes to the important and troubling decisions being made behind closed doors.”
Jeffrey Gilliland, KQED Arts

“Battle in Seattle hardly ever lets up and packs quite a powerful punch. . . . For a film boasting the talent this one includes, not to mention the fact that it is told far better than the majority of today’s thrillers, would lead me to believe it really could find an audience.”
Brad Brevet, Rope of Silicon Movie review

“Battle in Seattle is an . . . anti-globalization polemic, a celebration of mass action and protest and, in the final analysis, a call for progressive activism.”
Mel Valentin, SFStation

In a “call for human kindness over profits, as if mere words can change the world, Battle In Seattle is skilled at creating the stage for percolating political passions.”
-Prairie Miller, Newsblaze

“The popular image of the WTO protests is of anarchists smashing up downtown Seattle and the police responding. . . . Instead, [Stuart] found non-violent protesters carefully planned ways of preventing delegates from getting to the meetings.”
Euan Kerr, Minnesota Public Radio

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