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Brazil to Break Patents on U.S. Films, Books, Drugs Bloomberg, March 15, 2010
Is It Time to End the IMF and WTO? American Thinker, November 5, 2009
Public Interest Groups Start Campaign Aimed at Turning Around on WTO, Doha Daily Report for Executives, October 20, 2009
Poor states seeks cotton safety net due to slump Reuters, October 16, 2009
Change of Heart at WTO? Globalization Doesn’t Help Poor Workers, Report SaysIn These Times, October 14, 2009
Does trade improve the quality of jobs in poor countries? ONE, October 14, 2009
China Fights Trade Rule on American Media Associated Press, September 22, 2009
AFL-CIO Delegates Approve Resolution Calling for Halt to WTO Talks Pending Review Daily Report for Executives, September 17, 2009
Trade ministers head for fresh Doha talks Agence France Presse, August 31, 2009
WTO OKs $295 million in Brazilian sanctions on US Associated Press, August 31, 2009

US faces sanctions in cotton row BBC, August 31, 2009
WTO Says Airbus subsidies hurt Boeing: US Lawmaker Reuters, Septemer 11, 2009
Few Expect Progress on Doha at WTO Talks Wall Street Journal, September 3, 2009
Farmers take to streets as Doha trade talks start in India Christian Science Monitor, September 3, 2009
Obama Picks Punke to Be U.S. Ambassador to WTO Reuters, September 3, 2009
WTO to look into US rules on ‘dolphin safe’ tuna Associated Press, March 10, 2009
Key players ready to try again for WTO deal – Lamy Reuters, September 11, 2008
U.S. Close to Filing WTO Case Against China Over Steel, FT Says Bloomberg.net, September 4, 2008
Beyond the Trade Pact Collapse New York Times, August 3, 2008
China Trade Promises All Snake Oil — Fair Trade Crucial Huffington Post, August 4, 2008

Domestic Manufacturers Call Collapse of Doha Trade Talks Big Victory for U.S. Economy; Stalemate Opens Way for Trade Policy Overhaul United States Business and Industry Council (USBIC), August 4, 2008
WTO talks collapse over bad deal Jakarta Post, August 4, 2008
Fresh WTO talks must wait until after US election: economists Agence France-Presse, August 3, 2008
Bush, Lula discuss collapse of trade talks: W.House Reuters, August 2, 2008
Do you want free trade – or fair trade that helps the poor? The Independent (London), August 1, 2008
Hard Line at WTO Earns Indian Praise Washington Post, August 1, 2008
India Seeks Balance Between Poverty, Prosperity in Trade Talks Bloomberg, July 31, 2008
Global Trade Talks Fail As New Giants Flex Muscle Wall Street Journal, July 30, 2008
Tariffs: WTO talks collapse after India and China clash with America over farm products Guardian (UK), July 30, 2008
World Trade Likely to Grow Even as WTO Talks Sputter Bloomberg, July 30, 2008

After 7 Years, Talks on Trade Collapse New York Times, July 30, 2008
A new approach to free trade Guardian (UK), July 29, 2008
China Emerges as Major Player in Global Trade Talks New York Times, July 29, 2008
After Doha Forbes, July 29, 2008
WTO scrambles for fresh options on trade pact Agence France-Presse, July 28, 2008
US slams China, India for putting Doha round into ‘gravest jeopardy’ Associated Press, July 28, 2008
China takes firm line on WTO proposals Reuters, July 28, 2008
WTO: China throws up barrier to Doha agreement Guardian (UK), July 28, 2008
Global Trade Talks in Peril as West Clashes With India, China Deutsche Welle, July 28, 2008
Five Things: The Doha Trade Talks Reuters, July 26, 2008

WTO asks U.S. to lower farm subsidy ceiling further Reuters/Guardian, July 25, 2008
‘India, Brazil unity crucial to success of WTO talks’ The Economic Times (India), July 25, 2008
US, other commercial powers meet again with global trade deal on the line Associated Press, July 24, 2008
What Geneva trade talks should really be about The Business Times Singapore, July 24, 2008
Peter Mandelson, the EU trade chief, calls WTO talks “potentially” closer to deal Bloomberg News, Reuters, July 24, 2008
All eyes on Indian minister as WTO talks enter third day Agence France-Presse, July 23, 2008
China gets first seat in select WTO negotiating group, officials say Associated Press, July 23, 2008
China says it disagrees with WTO ruling in auto parts dispute, reserves right to appeal Associated Press, July 22, 2008
Emerging economies spurn US move at advancing WTO talks Agence France-Presse, July 22, 2008
Brazil official’s Nazi reference rocks WTO talks Associated Press, July 20, 2008

Tariff Disputes Make Breakthrough Unlikely in Doha Trade Talks Wall Street Journal, July 18, 2008
WTO publishes trade ruling against China Associated Press, July 18, 2008
Memo to Reporters: Next Week’s Bizarre WTO Mini-Ministerial Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, July 17, 2008
US calls on China to unlock WTO trade talks Agence France-Presse, July 17, 2008
WTO Negotiations Face Significant Challenges: CEPR Analysis Center for Economic and Policy Research, July 17, 2008
Doha talks a charade with Bush on his way out Business Day, July 16, 2008
WTO backs help for workers hit by globalization Reuters, July 15, 2008
Doha Trade Talks Revive on Some Progress Wall Street Journal, June 26, 2008
Pascal Lamy Sets Doha Talks WWD, June 26, 2008
Trade enovys told ‘go like hell’, reckoning nears Reuters, June 13, 2008

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