WTO & Environment

Fact Sheets & Reports
The Stealth Campaign at the WTO to Preempt Local Control Over Land Use Public Citizen, December 12, 2005
The Tyranny of Free Trade: Wasted Natural Wealth & Lost Livlihoods Friends of the Earth, December 9, 2005
Key Recommendations for 6th Ministerial Conference Friends of the Earth December 2005
Greening Trade: Analysis of Doha, Qatar talks Friends of the Earth
WTO & Free Trade vs. Environment and Public Health Friends of the Earth
Save Our Services: Protecting the Environment Friends of the Earth & Public Citizen
How International Trade Pacts Threaten California’s Environmental Laws Sierra Club, October 13, 2004
Trade and Investment in Services: The Stakes for Workers and the Environment Alliance for Sustainable Jobs & the Environment, February 2002
Keep Fisheries Out of NAMA Financial Times, December 5, 2005