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Sugar Groups Praise Letter by Obama Backing Program The National Journal, October 23, 2008
Farm Bill a Missed Opportunity By R. Dennis Olson, IATP, May 13, 2008
White House in stand-off over farm subsidies bill Financial Times, February 4, 2008
Free trade in rice can lead to more hunger – study Reuters, November 1, 2007
Via Campesina Sets an International Agenda Americas Program, Center for International Policy, August 8, 2007
Only a Few Reap the Benefits of Growth in Agriculure Inter Press Service, November 8, 2005
Free Trade Leaves World Food in Grip of Global Giants The Guardian, January 27, 2005
Monsanto ‘Seed Police’ Scrutinise Farmers Inter Press Service, January 14, 2005
Polish Factory Farms Cause a Stink BBC News, November 24, 2004
U.S. Farm Product Imports To Match Exports in 2005 Wall Street Journal, November 14, 2004

Surging Imports Of Food Threaten Wider Trade Gap Wall Street Journal, November 8, 2004
Traditional Foods in Fight Against Hunger Inter Press Service, November 2, 2004
Free Trade May Cut Deep Houston Chronicle, June 23, 2004
UN Conference on Trade and Development Takes Positive Step Forward Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, June 18, 2004
Schumer Urges Clampdown on Foreign Imports to Help Local Farms Survive Oswego Daily News, April 22, 2004
Union Asks Administration to Employ Extra Mad Cow Disease Precautions National Farmers Union, December 30, 2003
Report Calls on USDA to Protect U.S. Farmers, Consumers, and Livestock from Mad Cow Disease Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Trade Bill of Rights Western Organization of Resource Councils, June 7, 2003
International Trade and Sustainable Agriculture Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Analysis of Agricultural Dumping Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

CAFTA’s Restrictive Procurement Rules Citizens Trade Campaign
Asia Holds the Key to the Future of GM Food YaleGlobal, December 2, 2004
New Institute to Focus on Food-Safety Standards Sun-Sentinel, October 14, 2004
GMOs taint other crops Associated Press, September 24, 2004
Europe Approves Genetically Modified Corn as Animal Feed New York Times, July 19, 2004
Family Farmers and Trade National Family Farm Coalition