CAFTA & Democracy

Fact Sheets & Reports
Members of Congress Providing Decisive Votes on Trade Deal Receive Jump in Corporate Campaign Cash Public Citizen, February 14, 2006
CAFTA’s Restrictive Procurement Rules Public Citizen
CAFTA Rules on Sovereign Debt Center of Concern
CAFTA’s Assault on Basic Services Global Exchange
The Dangerous Expansion of Corporate Rights Over Citizens Rights Global Exchange

Articles & Statements
Free Trade’s Dubious Blessings: Nearly Five Years of DR-CAFTA in El Salvador and Its Constitutional Challenge TruthOut, October 6, 2010
Free Trade Undermining Democracy in Costa Rica? IATP, October 12, 2007
CAFTA in Costa Rica Would Cause Deepening Inequality Center for International Policy, September 24, 2007
Tribunal Calls for Investigation Into Government’s CAFTA Campaign Tico Times, September 11, 2007
E-Mail on CAFTA Campaign Ignites Controversy in Legislative Assembly Tico Times, September 10, 2007
Observers to Watch over CAFTA Referendum Tico Times, August 31, 2007
Tribunal Rules That Arias can Tout CAFTA on Tours Tico Times, August 29, 2007
University Students Protest Tribunal Resolution On CAFTA Campaigns Tico Times, August 22, 2007
Costa Ricans Split Ahead of CAFTA Vote Angus Reid Global Monitor, August 22, 2007
Most Decided Voters Oppose CAFTA in Costa Rica Angus Reid Global Monitor, August 7, 2007

Costa Rican Voters Would Ratify CAFTA Angus Reid Global Monitor, August 6, 2007
Costa Rica CAFTA Referendum Conditional Prensa Latina, July 12, 2007
Implementation of CAFTA Used to Further Expand Corporate Rights in Central America Stop CAFTA Coaltion, January 11, 2006
CAFTA Likely to Hurt Poor Central Americans National Catholic Reporter, November 11, 2005
New Hampshire Got Caught in CAFTA’s Lobster Trap Concord Monitor, September 5, 2005
Statement of UNITE-HERE President on CAFTA Final Vote August, 1, 2005
Democracy Sold Out- CAFTA Approved by Pork & A Hill of Beans Global Exchange, July 29, 2005
Turning the CAFTA Loss to A Win Independent Media Institute, July 28, 2005
CAFTA Vote Continues Outsourcing American Jobs & Agriculture Western Organization of Resource Councils, July 28, 2005
State Legislators from 21 States Launch Anti-CAFTA Effort Public Citizen, July 14, 2005

U.S. Rhetoric at the OAS Out of Touch with the Americas Foreign Policy in Focus, June 21, 2005
Bush at OAS: Same Old “Free Trade” Tune Global Exchange, June 8, 2005
Cautionary Tale for CAFTA Nations Public Citizen, November 13, 2004
Prevent Preemption of State Procurement Policy by Trade Agreement Terms Public Citizen, July 2, 2004