California Dems Oppose Pending Trade Deals

Last week, the California Democratic Party endorsed a resolution opposing the FTAs with Korea and Colombia. It was one of just 11 (out of about 90) to be brought before the entire convention floor, where it was approved unanimously by the over 2,000 delegates in attendance. Special thanks go out to the Santa Clara Democratic Central Committee and the CDP Labor Caucus for their assistance in securing its passage. The full text is below.


Resolution Number 11-04.87L

WHEREAS, the United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) and the Colombia Free Trade Agreement (Columbia FTA) are the latest in a line of job-killing, corporate-first free trade agreements predicted to cost United States hundreds thousands of jobs concentrated in California industries such as electronic equipment manufacturing, according to the Economic Policy Institute; challenge the authority of our state, counties, and municipalities to govern in the interest of Californians; and advance trade liberalization’s “race to the bottom” on labor rights and wages, environmental protections, human rights, product safety standards, public health, and in other areas; and

WHEREAS, over 2,700 trade union and human rights activists have been murdered in Colombia since 1986, including 51 in 2010 with a conviction rate of less than five percent; and the South Korean government represses workers by limiting the collective bargaining, striking, and lobbying abilities of public employees, while allowing more than half of Koreans to be categorized as “irregular workers,” and therefore unable to form a union;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party calls upon its U.S. House members to oppose the KORUS FTA and the Colombia FTA;

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party send a copy of this resolution to each Senator and Representative from the California Congressional delegation urging them to vote to oppose these agreements.


Sponsored by the Santa Clara DCC, CDP Labor Caucus

* * *

Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its 2011 State Convention
Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento
May 1, 2011