WFTC Beats Back Measure in Support of Korea FTA

The Washington Fair Trade Coalition, working closely with State Senator Maralyn Chase and the Washington State Labor Council, has successfully beaten back a measure in the state legislature calling on Congress to pass the Korea Free Trade Agreement.

Strong grassroots pressure caused Senate Joint Memorial 8006 to die in committee.  The measure had been introduced in February by Washington State Senators Stevens, Shin and Devlin, but was instigated by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative, corporate-funded organization promoting “small government” that produces model legislation for state lawmakers.  One of ALEC’s primary funders are the infamous Koch brothers, Kansas billionaires who fund right-wing activities ranging form the Tea Party to Governor Scott Walker’s assault on public employees’ collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin.

WFTC is currently encouraging Washington State Legislators to sign-on to a “dear colleague” letter urging a halt to the Korea FTA and a new direction forward on global trade policy.