CAFTA & Agriculture

Fact Sheets & Reports
Family Farmers and Food Security Citizens Trade Campaign
Food Security, Farming, CAFTA, and the WTO Global Exchange
CAFTA and the Rural Sector Washington Office on Latin America
Deals For Trade Votes Gone Bad Public Citizen, June 2005
The U.S. Program & the Threats Posed by DR-CAFTA Report and
Fact Sheet Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, April 2005
Migration and Coffee in Mexico and Central America International Relations Center, December 13, 2004
A Raw Deal For Rice Oxfam America, November 16, 2004
A History of Land in Guatemala: Conflict and Hope for Reform Interhemispheric Resource Center, September 17, 2004
Impacts of CAFTA on the U.S. Sugar Industry North Dakota State University, December 2003

Articles & Statements
Position of the Salvadoran Social Movement Before CAFTA Goes into Force February 22, 2006
Passage of CAFTA Bad News for Farmers Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy, July 28, 2005
CAFTA Vote Continues Outsourcing American Jobs & Agriculture Western Organization of Resource Councils, July 28, 2005
CAFTA: A Loss for Farmers & Rural Communities National Family Farm Coalition, July 27, 2005
There is No CAFTA Sugar Deal American Sugar Alliance, June 23, 2005
American Sugar Alliance Testimony Before the House Committee on Ways and Means April 21, 2005
American Corn Growers Oppose CAFTA American Corn Growers Association, March 23, 2005
Union Strikes Palm Sugar Plant Over Cuts in Jobs, Benefits, Overtime South Florida Sun-Sentinel, December 29, 2004
Supermarket Giants Crush Central American Farmers New York Times, December 28, 2004
Migration and Coffee in Mexico and Central America International Relations Center, December 13, 2004

Crossroad for CAFTA Miami Herald, December 6, 2004
Guatemalan Labor Disputes Fueling Violent Stand-Offs Miami Herald, December 1, 2004
Agriculture Dilemma Heats Up Tico Times, November 19, 2004
Louisiana Sugar Growers Show Off 12,000 Anti-CAFTA Signatures Associated Press, November 18, 2004
US Deal Menaces Central American Farmers – Report Inter Press Service, November 16, 2004
Workers Left Sterile by Pesticide Seek Justice Tierramerica, November 8, 2004
Louisiana Sugar Cane Industry Circulating Petitions Against CAFTA Associated Press, November 7, 2004
Sugar Producers Lobby Against CAFTA Williston Daily Herald, November 7, 2004
Trade Deal Endangers Colorado Farmers Rocky Mountain News, November 5, 2004
State Sugar Beet Growers Sour on Proposed Trade Pact Denver Post, October 5, 2004

Sugar Beet Growers Launch Education Effort Agri News, September 21, 2004
Sugar Beet Area Not Sweet on Pact Washington Post, September 20, 2004
Beet Industry Takes on CAFTA Grand Forks Herald, September 17, 2004
Area Beet Farmers Say No to CAFTA The Forum, September 17, 2004
Sugar Growers Sour on Trade Pact, Bush Star Tribune, September 10, 2004
Why the U.S. Sugar Industry Opposes CAFTA Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative
New Trade Pact Threatens Jobs in Florida Sugar Industry Palm Beach Post, August 29, 2004
Benefits of CAFTA, Free Trade to U.S. Agriculture Exaggerated American Sugar Alliance, August 10, 2004
Pacts Could Ruin U.S. Sugar Industry, Senator Warns Palm Beach Post, August 10, 2004
Farmers Object to Trade Pact with U.S. EFE, August 4, 2004

CAFTA Threatens Ill Domino Effect Ag Weekly, June 5, 2004
The Sucking Sound of America’s Production Agricultural Demise Press release from Dakota Resource Council, May 28, 2004
CAFTA Benefits Agribusiness Over Farmers Press Release, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, April 22, 2004
Free-trade proposal has sugar growers up in arms The Bay City Times, January 16, 2004
Florida Farm Groups Oppose Free Trade Pacts South Florida Sun-Sentinel, January 16, 2004
CAFTA won’t just hurt sugar Grand Forks Herald, January 13, 2004
Sugar deal may not be so sweet for U.S. producers Associated Press, January 8, 2004
Foster and Blanco team up to protest CAFTA on sugar provision Associated Press, December 22, 2003
National Farmers Union Opposes CAFTA Press Release, December 19, 2003
Leaders oppose CAFTA sugar talks Grand Forks Herald, December 17, 2003

Johnson Urges Reconsideration Of Sugar Trade Strategy Press Release by North Dakota’s Agricultural Commissioner, December 12, 2003
CAFTA Could Cause 1000s of Farmers to Lose Jobs Council on Hemispheric Affairs Press Release, December 5, 2003
Free trade proposals could drop prices below production levels Grand Forks Herald, December 3, 2003
Western Sugar Opposes Central American trade proposal Associated Press, January 5, 2003
Testimony on CAFTA Witness for Peace