Opposition in Central America and the Dominican Republic

Fact Sheets & Reports
Central Americans Demonstrate Against CAFTA Alliance for Responsible Trade, September 2004
CAFTA and Nicaragua’s Constitution Jeannette Chávez Gómez & the Quixote Center, July 1, 2004
Central Americans Speak Out Against DR-CAFTA: Major Issues and Mobilizations Alliance for Responsible Trade, March 2005
The Unconstitutionality of CAFTA: The Case of El Salvador Sinti Techan Network, February 2005

Articles & Statements
Is CAFTA Good for Costa Rica? Economic Policy Institute, July 25, 2007
Costa Rica CAFTA Referendum Conditional Prensa Latina, July 12, 2007
Officials Are Bracing for ‘Street Referendum’ in Costa Rica AM Costa Rica, June 1, 2006
Hundreds of Hondurans Protest Against CAFTA En Honduras Associated Press, March 31, 2006
Several Countries Balking at CAFTA Plunge New York Times, March 1, 2006
Salvadorans Protest Trade Deal With US Associated Press, February 28, 2006
Costa Rican Presidential Hopeful Promises to Obstruct CAFTA Financial Times, February 27, 2006
Position of the Salvadoran Social Movement Before CAFTA Goes into Force February 22, 2006
Guatemalan Demonstrators Protest Against CAFTA Voice of America, February 25, 2006
Trade Accord With US Splits Voters in Costa Rica Los Angeles Times, February 7, 2006

CAFTA Likely to Hurt Poor Central Americans National Catholic Reporter, November 11, 2005
Costa Rica Unions Call Strike to Protest CAFTA Reuters, October 31, 2005
Urgent Action: Human Rights Leader Assassinated Guatemala Human Rights Commission, July 12, 2005
Letter to Congress from a Nicaraguan Maquila Worker May 5, 2005
Letter to the U.S. Congress by Honduran Civil Society Groups May 11, 2005
Costa Rica Balks at Free Trade Pact Wall Street Journal, May 3 2005
Despite Ratification, Anti-CAFTA Protests Continue in Guatemala Americas Program, April 13, 2005
Guatemalan Bishop Joins Voices Opposing Trade Treaty National Catholic Reporter, April 1, 2005
Civil Society’s Response to Violence in Guatemala Letter to President Bush and Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick, March 22, 2005
Letter calling for investigation on the death of Guatemalan protesters United Steelworkers of America, March 21, 2005

Lawmakers Urge Probe of Protester Deaths Reuters, March 18, 2005
Guatemalan Anti-Free Trade Protester Shot Dead Reuters, March 16, 2005
Guatemala Votes to Ratify Free Trade Pact Associated Press, March 10, 2005
Guatemalan Protesters Storm Legislature to Halt Vote Associated Press, March 9, 2005
Guatemalans Protest Trade Agreement Associated Press, March 1, 2005
Latin American Bishops Urge Caution on Free Trade Agreement Catholic News Service, December 22, 2004
Statement on the Possible Ratification of CAFTA The Human Rights Ombudswoman, December 13, 2004
Statement by Costa Rican Legislators on CAFTA October 2004
Statement by Honduran Legislators on CAFTA October 2004
Statement by Salvadoran Legislators on CAFTA October 2004

Costa Rica: Protests Bring Country to the Verge of Paralysis Inter Press Service, August 25, 2004
El Salvadorans Ask: Do We CAFTA? The Dominion, August 25, 2004
Farmers Object to Trade Pact with U.S. Miami Herald, August 4, 2004
Letter to Congres on Dominican Participation and Consultation Church and Civil Society Groups, July 22, 2004
Final Declaration MesoAmerican Forum, July 21, 2004
CAFTA Petition MesoAmerican Forum, July 21, 2004
Letter from Churches in Nicaragua and Costa Rica The Latin American Council of Churches, July 8, 2004
Central American Bishops Criticize Free Trade Accords Catholic News Service, June 25, 2004
Nationwide Strike in Guatemala Forces Discussion of Agrarian Issues Yellow Times, June 20, 2004
Nicaraguan civil society statement opposing CAFTA June 2, 2004
CAFTA Opponents March On Tico Times, May 7, 2004
Costa Rica Signs Treaty, Anti-CAFTA Unions Plan Protests Inter Press Service, January 29, 2004