CAFTA & Access to Medicines

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Fact Sheets & Reports
Trade agreement favors pharmaceutical companies over sick Economic Policy Institute, September 23, 2009
CAFTA and Access to Medicines University of Washington
Myths and Realities: U.S. Pressure on Guatemala Regarding Data Exclusivity, CAFTA and Access to Medicines Health Gap, February 10, 2005
Rights Committee Expresses Concern over IP Rules in El Salvador UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, June 4, 2004
Access to Medicines at Risk Across the Globe: What to Watch Out for in Free Trade Agreements with the United States Médecins Sans Frontières, May 14, 2004
The Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health and the Contradictory Trend in Bilateral and Regional Free Trade Agreements Quaker United Nations Office, April 2004

Articles & Statements
Position of the Salvadoran Social Movement Before CAFTA Goes into Force February 22, 2006
Implementation of CAFTA Used to Further Expand Corporate Rights in Central America Stop CAFTA Coaltion, January 11, 2006
International Planned Parenthood Federation Urges Congress to Oppose CAFTA June 9, 2005
Press Release from U.S. & Latin American AIDS Advocates Blasting CAFTA’s Anti-Generic Drug Provisions June 2, 2005
CAFTA Will Hurt People with HIV Boston Globe, May 26, 2005
AIDS Patients See Life, Death Issues in Trade Pact Los Angeles Times, April 22, 2005
Testimony of Médecins Sans Frontierès on IP Provisions in Dr-CAFTA & Consequences for Access to Essential Medicines April 2005
Guatemalan HIV Patients Slam New Trade Rules Reuters, March 30, 2005
CAFTA’s Profit Motive Washington Post, March 30, 2005
Global Bully Goes to Guatemala Corp-Focus, March 18, 2005

New Guatemalan Law and Intellectual Property Provisions in DR-CAFTA Threaten Access to Affordable Medicines Médecins Sans Frontières, March 11, 2005
Oxfam Condemns US Pressure on Guatemala Oxfam America, February 2, 2005
Democrats Protest Bush Pressure on Guatemala Reuters, January 26, 2005
Central America Trade Deal Hits Snag on Guatemala Law Bloomberg, January 7, 2005
Guatemalan Congress Repeals Law That Restricted Access to Medicines Médecins Sans Frontières, November 26, 2004
New Complication for D.R.-Cafta Caribbean Business, October 25, 2004
CAFTA Side Letter Does Not Protect Access to Medicines Center for Policy Analysis on Trade and Health, September 30, 2004
Look What’s Hidden in Trade Deal The Columbian, August 20, 2004
Health Care Difficult in Central America Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 5, 2004
Access to Affordable Drugs: UN Committee Warns El Salvador that IP Rights in CAFTA Must Not Undermine Children’s Rights Press release from 3D, June 2004

Letter on Public Health to Congress and USTRU.S. Health Organizations, June, 2004
MSF Warns Central American Countries that Signing Regional Trade Pact Will Threaten Access to Life-Saving Medicines Press release from Médecins Sans Frontières, May 27, 2004
Provisions in CAFTA Restrict Access to Medicines Médecins Sans Frontières, February 3, 2004
U.S.-Central America Deal Could Block Cheap AIDS Drugs Inter Press Service, December 8, 2003