Trade and National Security

Port Protection

National Security
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At Ports Security vs Trade
Sensitive U S Technology Can Be Exported Easily June 23, 2009
Counterfeiter Chu Gets 97 Month Sentence China Espionage

Dupont Charges Industrial Espionage September 7, 2009
Chinese National Sentenced for Committing Economic Espionage
Power Grid at Risk from Hackers April 9, 2009
Electricity Industry to scan Grid for Spies June 18, 2009 The Google Situation
Google Case is the Lightning Rod for Rights advocates Jan 14, 2010
Chinese human rights activists have Google emails hacked Jan 15, 2010
Google admits Chinese human rights activists Gmail accounts were hacked Jan 13, 2010
Security specialist has evidence of Chinese attack on Google Jan 21,2010
Google attack puts spotlight on red hackers Jan 21, 2010

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Free Trade vs National Security
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