US-Oman Free Trade Agreement

416 Groups Tell Congress: Oppose Oman Free Trade Agreement
Press Release Letter

Fact Sheets & Reports
Congress Should Reject the Oman Free Trade Agreement Citizens Trade Campaign, 2006
Oman FTA’s Inadequate Labor Provisions Citizens Trade Campaign, 2006
Oman FTA Undermines Public Health Center for Policy Analysis on Trade and Health, June 2006
Annual Survey of Violations of Trade Union Rights in Oman 2006 International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, June 7, 2006
Environmental Talking Points on the Oman and Peru FTA Defenders of Wildlife, Friends of the Earth, and Sierra Club
US-Jordan FTA: Descends into Human Trafficking & Involuntary Servitude National Labor Committee, May 4, 2006
The Struggle for Workers Rights in Jordan The Solidarity Center, December 2005
Report of the Labor Advisory Committee for Trade Negotiations and Trade Policy November 15, 2005

Articles & Statements
United States Business and Industry Council Opposes OFTA June 28, 2006
Interfaith Statement on “Free Trade” and Human Trafficking May 2006
Democrats Call Upon Administration to Respect Will of Congress May 19, 2006
International Brotherhood of Teamsters Oppose OFTA May 12, 2006
IUE-CWA Opposes the Oman FTA May 10, 2006
House to Begin Work on Oman Trade Deal Reuters, May 8, 2006
Human Trafficking in Jordan Condemned United Steelworkers & National Labor Committee, May 4, 2006
An Ugly Side of Free Trade: Sweatshops in Jordan New York Times, May 3, 2006
House Debate Oman Labor Rights in US-FTA United Press International, April 6, 2006
US Labor Seeks to Stop Oman, Colombia, Peru Pacts Reuters, March 17, 2006
Colombia, US Trade Partner, Violates Labor Rights Says US State Department Study Bloomberg, March 8, 2006
Testimony of Thea Lee from AFL-CIO Against US-Oman FTA March 6, 2006
US Signs Trade Pact with Oman, Keeps Egypt on Hold Reuters, January 19, 2006
US, Oman Reach Free Trade Agreement Associated Press, October 3, 2005
UAE, Oman Must Make New Move for FTA, Says US Reuters, January 16, 2005
Reuters: US to Begin Free Trade Talks with Oman Reuters, November 15, 2004