Biden Tariffs Another Positive Step for Jobs and the Environment

In response to the Biden administration’s announcement that it is raising tariffs on a variety of Chinese products, including electric vehicles (EVs), advanced batteries and solar cells, Citizens Trade Campaign’s Executive Director Arthur Stamoulis released the following statement:

“These tariff increases will help prevent cheap imports — which are all too often made with forced labor, sweatshop labor or under other unfair conditions — from undercutting quality jobs and sustainable development at home and around the world.  
Diverse supply chains are crucial to a rapid clean energy transition. As such, the Biden administration’s latest efforts to fight the monopolization of clean energy technologies is the right move for working people and the planet.
“Allowing any single country or region to dominate the production of clean energy technologies like EVs, batteries and solar will eventually lead to higher prices, increased supply chain disruptions, stifled innovation and a fracturing of the coalitions needed for ambitious climate action.
“Like the CHIPS Act and Inflation Reduction Act before it, today’s action is another important step towards creating the strong, resilient supply chains required to tackle the climate crisis head on and create jobs in the clean energy economy. Moving forward, further action should be taken to prioritize the production, use and trade of clean energy products and materials made by union workers in facilities and worksites that exemplify the best environmental standards.”