Trade Turnaround

Working for a Trade Turnaround, Ten Years after Seattle
Celebrating the Power of People To Impact Trade Policy

Over ten years ago, citizen activists shut down the World Trade Organization in Seattle to protest the devastating impact of corporate globalization on our jobs, wages, farming and the environment. The WTO hasn’t learned, scheduling their 7th ministerial on November 30th, the exact same day as the ten year anniversary of Seattle.

We responded in the Spirit of Seattle, with a call to action for a turnaround in trade. Groups all over the country are held events, rallies, demonstrations and house parties from N27 to D5.

This is what democracy looks like.

Use the tools below to organize in your area.

Take Action:
Click here to easily send a letter to the editor of your paper, telling your local community why it is time for a trade turnaround!
Send a message to the President, letting him know we back his promises to bring about a trade turnaround.
Click here to easily send a letter to the editor of your paper, telling your local community why it is time for a trade turnaround!
Click here to see President Obama’s agenda on Trade.

The National Calendar of Events
Click to download a Menu of Event Ideas
Click to download a Menu of Demonstration Ideas
Download an Event Checklist
‘Continue the Battle’ sign up sheet
How to Hold a ‘House Party’
Sierra Club’s Guide for A Fair Trade Film Party
Sierra Club’s List of Fair Trade Films
Citizen Actions to Turn Around Trade Polices
If you live in the Northwest, click here for a call to action

Download Sample Advisory
Download Sample Release
Download Sample Editorial
Download a blurb to run in newsletters

A New American Trade Agenda

(Talking Points)
Time for a WTO Turnaround

(Talking Points)
Link to Prince’s ‘Party like it’s 1999’

Sample Logos and Illustrations
Great Photos from Seattle ’98

Recent News
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Joint Collaborators
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Seattle Plus Ten Committee
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Wise Earth Week of Action
Climate Justice Mobilize for Action
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Also Check Out Link to Seattle Plus Ten toolkit