Colombia FTA News Archive

The Big Lie: Venezuela and Labor Huffington Post, August 5, 2010
Colombia doesn’t deserve anit-worker trade pact James P. Hoffa, September 9, 2009
Colombia free-trade agreement: making a bad situation worse The Varsity, July 6 2009
Colombia: the High Cost of Free Trade James McEnteer, October 15, 2008
The Pain and Power of Memory Dissident Voice, September 12, 2008
Columbia – A Case Study in Failed U.S. Intervention Huffington Post, August 30, 2008
Overhaul policies to benefit workers; reject Colombia deal Des Moines Register, July 18, 2008
Pact is Perfect – For US Corporations Boston Globe, July 16, 2008
Alvaro Uribe has more work to do Globe and Mail (Canada), July 14, 2008

Celebrate Betancourt’s Release, Not Colombia’s Oppresive Regime Alternet, July 10, 2008
McCain Stays the Course in Latin America The Progressive, July 9, 2008
Free Trade’s False Promises The Guardian, July 8, 2008
Colombia deal is a bad one New Hampshire Business Review, June 6, 2008
Columbia free trade bad for America WestLinn Tidings, May 1, 2008
Workers’ Rights: a Good Reason to Oppose Colombia Trade Deal The Hill, April 26, 2008
Colombia: No Rights, No Trade Washington Post, April 14, 2008
Colombia Trade Fight is a Human Rights Test The Nation, April 11, 2008
Comment: Congress is right to oppose trade deal with Colombia Reuters, April 9, 2008
Colombia Free Trade Agreement: A Bad Deal for Everyone Involved Huffington Post, April 8, 2008

News Stories

Key House Republican Plans Agressive Push for Free Trade Deals Dow Jones, November 8, 2010
U.S. Trade Representative: Free Trade Agreements Underway with Panama and Colombia Miami Herald, September 29, 2009
Colombia Trade Pact Unlikely This Year Journal of Commerce Online, September 30, 2009
US Debates Continue on FTAs with Colombia, South Korea ICTSD, September 16, 2009
Obama Nominee Says U.S.-Colombia FTA Still Being Held Up Over Labor Violence Daily Report for Executives, September 10, 2009
Protest Against Colombian Hearts Starting Soon Washington City Paper, September 8, 2009
Human Rights Groups Protest Colombia Exhibit at Union Station WJLA, September 8, 2009
U.S. Lawmakers See Movement on FTAs with Colombia, Panama Daily Report for Executive, August 24, 2009
Colombia Lobbies Without Sucess for Stalled Trade Pact CQ Today, August 19, 2009
US Commerce Secy: May Add New Labour Measures to Colombia Trade Deal Dow Jones, August 10, 2009

Two More Trade Unionists Assasinated in Colombia International Trade Union Confederation, July 7, 2010
Levin Says Colombia Has Made No Improvements on Labour Rights Inside US Trade, April 30, 2010
Obama expresses optimism about Colombia Free Trade Associated Press, June 29, 2009
Free trade pacts prospects ‘not good’: top US lawmaker AFP, June 26, 2009
Update – Massacre ‘imminent’: Indigenous uprising continues in Colombia The Dominion, October 15, 2008
Andean Region Must Integrate to Face World Crisis, Leaders Say, October 14, 2008
Obama Opposes Vote on Colombia FTA The Miami Herald, October 8, 2008
Witness Ties Colombian General To Paramilitaries Washington Post Foreign Service, September 17, 2008
Outlook Gloomy for Colombia Trade Deal Roll Call, July 30, 2008

GOP Colombia demands prompt delay for Baucus bill The Hill, July 25, 2008
Bush Makes Renewed Push for Colombia Free Trade Agreement Voice of America, July 22, 2008
For many in Colombia, hostage nightmare goes on LA Times, July 15, 2008
Colombia Trade Deal Is Threatened New York Times, July 13, 2008
Constitutional Court to rule on US trade pact Colombia Reports, July 10, 2008
McCain visits a skeptical Latin America Christian Science Monitor, July 3, 2008
McCain urges Colombia trade deal BBC News, July 2, 2008
McCain Heads to Colombia to Emphasize Trade, Security Link Bloomberg, July 1, 2008
McCain Heads Today for Colombia, Where Advisor Has Long Had Ties New York Times, July 1, 2008
McCain to visit Colombia next month Associated Press, June 25, 2008

Courting the Black Caucus in Colombia The Hill, June 24, 2008
Bush: Still chance for Colombia, South Korea pacts Reuters, May 23, 2008
Bush lobbies Congress to pass free-trade deals Associated Press, May 23, 2008
Democrat urges House vote on Korea, Colombia pacts Reuters, May 22, 2008
Groups lobbying for stalled trade deals Politico, May 21, 2008
Colombian Unions to Seek Investigation of Anti-Labor Activity Bloomberg, May 14, 2008
Colombia extradites 14 paramilitary leaders to U.S. LA Times, May 14, 2008
COLOMBIA: “Mark Him on the Ballot – The One Wearing Glasses” IPS, May 8, 2008
Colombia Extradites Paramilitary Leader Wall Street Journal, May 8, 2008
White House set to fire back at Dems over Colombia The Hill, May 6, 2008
Plot to Kill Colombian Witness Exposed Washington Post, April 26, 2008
Colombia’s Congress is crippled by militia scandal Associated Press, April 25, 2008
Pelosi ties Colombia deal to new growth bill

CEO Letter to Congress on Colombia FTA Latin Business Chronicle, December 20, 2007
Colombia opens probe into Chiquita militia links Reuters, December 18, 2007
Standing Up to NAFTA Center for International Policy (CIP), December 18, 2007
Hoffa To Bush: Drop Free Trade Forbes, December 16, 2007
Bush, Congress seem headed for clash on trade deals Reuters, December 14, 2007
CEOs push for passage of Colombia trade deal The Hill, December 12, 2007
US business chiefs urge Congress on Colombia trade Reuters, December 11, 2007
Bush and Harper Ignore Colombia’s Labor Rights Reality Colombia Journal, December 10, 2007
Bush wields Colombia trade deal to halt Venezuela AFP, December 7, 2007

Peru, Yes; Colombia? Free Trade Agreements: Lessons from Latin America’s Recent Past Council on Hemispheric Affairs, November 6, 2007
Bush cites Harper on free trade . . . sort of Toronto Star, December 5, 2007
Trade Deals Ignore Agricultural Impacts on Immigration IATP, December 3, 2007
Trade pitch turns negative positive The Oregonian, December 1, 2007
Side issues stall action on trade agreements Chicago Tribune, December 1, 2007
Commerce chief urges OK of Colombia treaty Houston Chronicle, November 30, 2007
See Colombia. Ratify Free Trade Time, November 28, 2007
Reid to lead delegation to Latin America The Hill, November 21, 2007
Democratic split on trade remains MarketWatch, November 16, 2007
White House, Colombia press Democrats on FTA The Hill, November 16, 2007

A New Consensus on Trade Real Clear Politics, November 16, 2007
Colombia eyes early 2008 vote on US trade deal Reuters, November 15, 2007
Is There Hope for Approval of the US-Colombia Free Trade Deal? Inter-American Dialogue, November 14, 2007
Colombia will wait for trade agreement with US but refuses changes Deutsche Presse-Agentur, November 13, 2007
Gutierrez continues pushing U.S.-Colombia free trade deal Xinhua, November 13, 2007
Colombia doing all it can for trade pact: official Reuters, November 13, 2007
Colombia labor applauds convictions Christian Science Monitor, November 13, 2007
Colombia blasts Clinton opposition to trade pact Reuters, November 9, 2007
Labor urges no vote on Colombia trade deal in ’08 Reuters, November 9, 2007
Sen. Clinton opposes Colombia, Panama trade deals Reuters, November 9, 2007

Clinton to Oppose Colombia, Panama Trade Deals, Supports Peru Bloomberg, November 8, 2007
Bush adds political, security arguments to call for free trade agreements Thompson Financial, November 6, 2007
Bush presses Congress to pass Latam trade agreements Reuters, November 6, 2007
Bush seeks Colombia trade vote as soon as possible Reuters, November 5, 2007
Rep. Rangel urges patience on U.S.-Colombia trade deal Reuters, October 31, 2007
Murder and payoffs taint business in Colombia USA Today, October 29, 2007
Uribe’s kisses intended to seal free trade deal Financial Times, October 25, 2007
Using Chavez as Counterpoint, Bush Pursues Latin Trade Pacts New York Times, October 24, 2007
Colombia seen to deserve vote on trade pact Reuters, October 22, 2007
Rep. Rangel urges patience on U.S.-Colombia trade deal Reuters, October 21, 2007

The Invisible Culture of Corruption Daivd Sirota, October 19, 2007
Bush, Uribe action needed to save Colombia deal Reuters, October 16, 2007
Trade winds shift for Bush Washington Post, October 14, 2007
Bush urges passage of Latin American trade pacts MarketWatch, October 13, 2007
Teamsters Challenge Bush on Free Trade Arguments Press Release, October 12, 2007
Bush tries to build support for Latam trade deals Reuters, October 12, 2007
A slow fade for free trade San Francisco Chronicle, October 12, 2007
White House Fans Out For Trade Push, Aware of Skepticism Wall Street Journal, October 11, 2007
Trade in the Spotlight: Issue Seen as Key One In Race for White House WWD, October 10, 2007
A Shift in Bush’s Trade Politics Washington Post, October 10, 2007

Centrist Dems tied to Clintons press influence in trade debate The Hill, October 10, 2007
U.S. pushing Colombian trade deal Miami Herald, October 7, 2007
Bush Administration Boosts Pressure to Pass Colombia Trade Pact Bloomberg, October 3, 2007
House leader offers some hope on trade deals Reuters, October 3, 2007
Letter to Congress on Pending Free Trade Agreements UAW, October 2, 2007
Free trade must be fair trade Rep. Phil Hare, September 19, 2007
Free Trade Agreements Taking Different Paths Women’s Wear Daily, September 18, 2007
Trade agreements seen as crucial Capital Press, September 18, 2007
Global trade union reports 144 activists killed in 2006 AFP, September 17, 2007
White House urges Colombia trade vote after Peru Reuters, September 17, 2007

Conference to Focus on Trade Protection AP, September 17, 2007
Congress Considers Peru Trade Pact As Prelude to Tougher Deals Miami Herald, September 17, 2007
Free-Trade Initiatives are on Life-Support as Export Growth Slows Miami Herald, September 16, 2007
Colombia trade deal a work in progress: U.S. lawmaker Reuters, September 15, 2007
Bush officials tout trade agenda, woo Congress Reuters, September 10, 2007
Uribe’s Failure to Win U.S. Congress Signals Loss of Trade Pact Bloomberg, September 10, 2007
U.S. gov’t launches fall campaign to pass FTAs with S. Korea, three other nations Yonhap News Agency, September 10, 2007
White House gearing up drive for Latam trade pacts Reuters, September 8, 2007
Support growing for trade pacts, U.S. Democrats say Reuters, September 5, 2007
Free-trade deals face rocky path The Hill, September 4, 2007

Congress may move quickly on Peru trade: aides Reuters, August 30, 2007
Colombian soldiers get 40 years for union killings Reuters, August 28, 2007
US sees Colombia trade deal on track amid concerns Reuters, August 10, 2007
Colombia suffering from unionist ‘genocide’ Financial Times, August 7, 2007
New Report Reveals How Pending Trade Agreements Will Worsen Imported Food Safety Problem Public Citizen, July 25, 2007
Colombian Free Trade Pact Shot Down: One Step Forward for the U.S., One Back for Canada Council on Hemispheric Affairs, July 19, 2007
Assassins Still Targeting Colombian Unionists Miami Herald, July 13, 2007
Congressional Testimony on Violence against Trade Unionists and Human Rights in Colombia Maria McFarland Sánchez-Moreno, June 28, 2007
Teamsters Letter to Congress Expressing Opposition to Trade Deal June 12, 2007
U.S. Trade Union Letter to Congress on Colombia June 11, 2007

USW Letter to House on Colombia Aid United Steelworkers, June 6, 2007
House Democratic Leadership’s Deal With USTR Has Serious Problems Statement by Citizens Trade Campaign, May 23, 2007
Paramilitary Ties to Elite in Colombia are Detailed Washington Post Foreign Service, May 22, 2007
Colombia: Damning New Evidence of Security Service Collaboration With Death Squads to Kill Unionists International Trade Union Confederation, April 19, 2007
Colombian NGOs Urge U.S. Congress to Reject U.S.-Colombian FTA April 19, 2007
Letter in Opposition to the U.S.-Colombia FTA National Indigenous Organization of Colombia, April 18, 2007
Anti-labor violence in Colombia imperils U.S. free trade pact Associated Press, March 6, 2007
An Open Letter to the United States Congress Colombian Oil Workers Union (USO), February 21, 2007
What You Need to Know About The Peru, Colombia and Panama FTAs Public Citizen, February, 2007
Afro-Colombians and Afro-Peruvians Urge Chairman Rangel to Renegotiate FTAs January 19, 2007

LULAC Urges Renegotiation of Core Text of Peru and Colombia FTAs LULAC Letter to Chairman Rangel, January 19, 2007
Open Letter to Chairman Rangel on Access to Medicines and the US-Peru and US-Colombia FTAs January 17, 2007
Letter on Human Rights and the US-Colombia FTA Colombia Human Rights Committee, January 17, 2007
Afro-Latino Letter Opposing Peru and Colombia FTAs November 13, 2006
Peru, Colombia Trade Deals Would Lock in More Bad Investment Rules Foreign Policy in Focus, December 18, 2006
Violence Against Colombian Workers Grows; Signing of Free Trade Agreement Denounced US Labor Education in the Americas Project, November 21, 2006
Murder in Colombia Prompts Group to Sue Nestle Units in Miami Miami Herald, October 28, 2006
The U.S.-Colombia FTA: Fuels the Fires of the Conflict American Friends Service Committee, August 14, 2006
Ratifying Death in Colombia Washington Post, June 14, 2006
A Dangerous Job in Colombia New York Times, July 12, 2006
Reject New Trade Agreements With Peru and Colombia League of United Latin American Citizens, May 21, 2006