U.S. Morocco Free Trade Agreement

Separate Comments on the U.S.-Morocco Free Trade Agreement Center for International Environmental Law, April 6, 2004

Articles & Statements
Morocco’s Parliament Approves FTA with US Reuters, January 20, 2005
Moroccan Drug Industry Slams U.S. Free-Trade Pact Agence France Press, January 13, 2005
Bush Inks Morocco Trade Pact Legislation United Press International, August 17, 2004
House Votes to Make Morocco Free Trade Partner Associated Press, July 23, 2004
Its (U.S.-Morocco FTA) Provisions Are Nearly Identical to CAFTA, Extending the Failed NAFTA Model to Yet Another Country Letter to Congress from Public Citizen, July 20, 2004
New Trade Pacts Betray the Poorest Partners New York Times, July 10, 2004
U.S. Signs Free Trade Deal With Morocco Associated Press, June 2004
USA Pressured to Ease Trade Demands Lancet, March 6, 2004
Access to Essential Medicines in U.S.-Morocco Trade Agreement Human Rights Watch, February 18, 2004
US-Morocco Free-Trade Agreement: Longer Monopolies, Shorter Lives Act Up – Paris, January 28, 2004
US misses two year-end Bilateral Trade deadlines Financial Times, December 11, 2003
USA-Morocco Deal May Extend Drug Patents to 30 Years Lancet, December 6, 2003