CAFTA & The Environment

Fact Sheets & Reports
Key Environmental Reasons to Oppose CAFTA Citizens Trade Campaign
CAFTA and The Environment Citizens Trade Campaign
The Tyranny of Free Trade: Wasted Natural Wealth & Lost Livlihoods Friends of the Earth, December 9, 2005
Environmental Impacts of CAFTA Global Exchange
Say ‘No’ to NAFTA Expansion in Central America Sierra Club
The Case of Harken Costa Rica Holdings and Offshore Oil Friends of the Earth and the Natural Resources Defense Council
Deals For Trade Votes Gone Bad Public Citizen, June 2005
Report: CAFTA’s Impact on U.S. Ethanol Market & Fact Sheet Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, June 2005

Articles & Statements
Pacific Rim v. El Salvador and the Perils of Free Trade in the Americas Council on Hemispheric Affiairs, July 30, 2010
El Salvador government considers ban on mining as permit freeze leads to CAFTA arbitration Investment Treaty News, September 2, 2009
El Salvador’s Gold Fight Foreign Policy in Focus, July 16, 2009
Statement from Director of Friends of the Earth on CAFTA’s Passage July 28, 2005
Narrow Senate Passage of CAFTA Spells Trouble 6 Environmental NGO’s, July 1, 2005
League of Conservation Voters Oppose CAFTA June 23, 2005
Pro-CAFTA Humane Society has Sister Groups Fuming Washington Post, April 28, 2005

US, CAFTA Countries Sign Environmental Deals Reuters, February 21, 2005
Water and the US-CAFTA American Friends Service Committee, July 23, 2004
Letter to Members of Congress on Harken Costa Rica Demonstrating the Risks Posed by CAFTA Friends of the Earth, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Oxfam America, March 31, 2004
Harken v. Costa Rica Grist Magazine, March 26, 2004
Letter from 10 Environmental NGO’s to Congress Urging CAFTA Rejection February 18, 2004
Local Fishermen Distrust Costa Rican Practices Houma Courier, February 7, 2004
Bush Administration Trade Deal Puts Communities at Risk Sierra Club, December 17, 2003