NAFTA’s Track Record

Fact Sheets & Reports
Overhauling NAFTA Jeff Faux, EPI, Feb 29, 2008
Revisiting NAFTA: Still Not Working for North America’s Workers Economic Policy Institute, September 28, 2006
A Raw Deal for Women in the U. S. Citizens Trade Campaign
A Raw Deal for Women in the Developing World Citizens Trade Campaign
The Mexican Economy, Agriculture and Environment Public Citizen
U.S. Workers’ Jobs, Wages and Economic Security Public Citizen
Undermining Sovereignty and Democracy Public Citizen
U.S., Mexican and Canadian Farmers and Agriculture Public Citizen
Department of Labor Certified Trade-Related Job Loss Public Citizen
Pro-Nafta Forecasts Have Failed Spectacularly US Department of Commerce & MBG Information Services, February 21, 2006

Market Access Under NAFTA & Other U.S.- Latin American FTA’s Americas Program, September 19, 2005
Pro-Nafta Forcasts have Failed Spectacularly U.S. Department of Commerce and MBG Information Services, April 2005
NAFTA Chapter 11 Investor-State Disputes (Updated) Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, January 2005
The Toxic Border Foreign Policy in Focus, December 2004
10 Years of NAFTA’s Commission on Environmental Cooperation in Mexico: Has It Made a Difference? International Relations Center, December 13, 2004
Globalization at the Crossroads:Ten years of NAFTA in the San Diego/Tijuana Border Region Environmental Health Coalition, October 18, 2004
The World Bank’s Analysis Center for Economic & Policy Research, September 20, 2004
The Impact of NAFTA on the U.S. Latino Community and Lessons for Future Trade Agreements The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement & Public Citizen, August 16, 2004
NAFTA Chapter 11 Investor to State Cases: Bankrupting Democracy Public Citizen & Friends of the Earth, September 2001
NAFTA’s 7 Years War on Farmers and Ranchers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico Public Citizen, June 26, 2001

The Unfulfilled Promise of NAFTA’s Labor Side Agreement Human Rights Watch, April 2001
NAFTA at Seven: Its Impact on Workers in all Three Nations Economic Policy Institute, April 2001
NAFTA at Ten: The Recount, Center for Economic and Policy Research, March 1, 2004
NAFTA’s Seven Year Itch AFL-CIO
The Impact of Capital Mobility on Workers, Wages and Union Organizing Cornell University, September 6, 2000

Articles, Editorials and Press Releases
US Wants to Send Latest Tuna-Dolphin Spat with Mexico to NAFTA ICTSD, September 29, 2010
McCain Pledges Allegiance to NAFTA Huffington Post, July 1, 2008
Trade deals’ effect on U.S. immigration a problem for McCain San Jose Mercury News, July 3, 2008
NAFTA and the Elephant in the Room Center for International Policy, June 26, 2008
Go Ahead and Reopen NAFTA Toronto Star, June 3, 2008
Vigna: NAFTA hurts Mexico, too Agence Global, June 1, 2008
Ottawa has power to save threatened GM truck plant; Invoking Auto Pact rules might violate NAFTA but it’s more important to protect Canadian jobs The Toronto Star, June 11, 2008
Sugar firms back down in trade flap: Farm bill won’t reinstitute U.S.-Mexico restrictions Cox Newspapers, February 12, 2008
Mexicans Say: Integrate This! Foreign Policy in Focus, February 8, 2008
Standing Up to NAFTA Center for International Policy (CIP), December 18, 2007

Kaptur Introduces NAFTA Accountability Act Office of Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, December 10, 2007
Hoffa Leads Teamster Rally Against Cross-Border Trucking Teamsters Press Release, December 5, 2007
Obama Criticizes Clinton on NAFTA Associated Press, November 18, 2007
Obama, Clinton & the NAFTA Kabuki Dance David Sirota, November 15, 2007
NAFTA, Inequality and Immigration Center for International Policy, November 6, 2007
The hidden costs of free trade Boston Globe, November 5, 2007
Trade in the Spotlight: Issue Seen as Key One In Race for White House WWD, October 10, 2007
Clinton pledges to revisit trade deals Financial Times, October 8, 2007
The conspiratorial highway LA Times, September 20, 2007
Extending NAFTA’s Reach Center for International Policy, August 24, 2007

Trade Reps from US, Mexico, Canada Meet Over Nafta Associated Press, August 14, 2007
The Tail End of Free Trade: A Preliminary Evaluation of the Impact of NAFTA on the Manufacturing Sector Council on Hemispheric Affairs, August 8, 2007
NAFTA Took Jobs, Workers From Mexico My San Antonio, April 13, 2006
A Decade of Bad Results Haunts AFTA Talks as “Last Round” of Talks Collapse Public Citizen, November 29, 2005
Pacts Undermine Citizens’ Rights, Job Security Charleston Gazette, November 1, 2004
The Stark Reality of Mexican’s Lives Contrasts with the Optimism of President Fox Autonomous Metropolitan University, October 25, 2004
How Free Trade Changed Us Toronto Star, October 1, 2004
NAFTA Disillusionment Setting In Arizona Republic, September 30, 2004
NAFTA Hurt Latinos, Study Says Houston Chronicle, August 16, 2004
Funds Sent to Mexico Hit Record Los Angeles Times, July 30, 2004

The Health System & NAFTA Vive le Canada, June 24, 2004
In a Visit to San Antonio, Trade Ministers Celebrate 10 Years of NAFTA San Antonio Current, July 22, 2004
The Town That NAFTA Sent North Los Angeles Times, June 18, 2004
After ten years, an honest verdict is hard to find Extra!, June 2004
Legislators Consider NAFTA’s Effects, Panel Suggests Laws to Protect Maine Maine Today, February 28, 2004
The Broken Promise of Nafta The New York Times, January 6, 2004
NAFTA now 10 years of bad policy The Capital Times, January 1, 2004
Politicians feel the impact of NAFTA Buffalo News, December 30, 2003
Free Trade Accord at Age 10 The New York Times, December 27, 2003
North American Deal Dismal After a Decade Inter Press Service, December 26, 2003

Trade Brings Riches, but not to Mexico’s Poor Washington Post, March 22, 2003
Facts Cloud Attempt to “Celebrate” NAFTA 10th Anniversary Signing Ceremony Public Citizen, December 10, 2002
NAFTA Chapter 11 Investor-State Disputes (Updated)