Sample Email Blast for #StopFastTrack Week of Action

Below are sample email blasts to send to your supporters during the #StopFastTrack Week of Action (November 8 – 14, 2014).  Feel free to use as much or as little of these samples as you want.  They currently link to the action tool at, which will be updated just prior to November 8th.  You are obviously free to link to an action tool on your own site if you prefer.

Sample Email Blasts

Urgent: Stop the “Fast Track” Sneak Attack on Democracy

Dear friends:

We need your help your help derailing the latest push for “Fast Track” legislation that would enable corporate power grabs like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to be rushed through Congress, circumventing ordinary review, amendment and debate procedures.

Click here to tell Congress NO to “Fast Track” during Lame Duck and NO to “Fast Track” forever.

President Obama and other heads of state are meeting in Asia this month in an attempt to push forward the TPP negotiations.  Literally millions of people throughout the world have complained about the extreme secrecy surrounding the ongoing TPP negotiations.  They’ve argued that the public deserves the right to know what is being proposed in our names for a twelve-nation pact that will set the rules governing an estimated 40% of the global economy — rules that not only dictate tariff levels, but also energy and environmental policy, medicine patents, financial regulations, “Buy Local” preferences, food safety, Internet protocols, consumer labeling and more.

While the public has been shut out of the TPP negotiating process, hundreds of corporate lobbyists — representing companies like Walmart, Cargill and Chevron — have had access to the texts.  This double-standard has assured that the TPP has been written in corporations’ interests, with little regard for working families, public health or the environment.

Now many of these same corporations want even Congress to give up its constitutional authority to assure that trade agreement provisions are written in the best interests of the constituents they serve.  Many are even calling for “Fast Track” to be passed during the post-election “Lame Duck” session of Congress, when political accountability to constituents is often at its lowest.

Fend off this sneak attack on democracy by urging Congress to oppose “Fast Track” for the TPP.

A coordinated #StopFastTrack Week of Action is taking place right now, with a broad range of groups across the issue spectrum mobilizing their supporters to speak out.  Contacting Congress is the critical first step.  You can also participate by attending a rally or community forumwriting a Letter to the Editor or sending sample Tweets with the #StopFastTrack hashtag.

Thanks to similar efforts earlier this year, over a million Americans spoke out to beat back an attempt by Ways & Means Chair David Camp (R-MI) and then-Senate Finance Chair Max Baucus (D-MT) to pass a “Fast Track” bill.  It’s only now, after the election, that TPP boosters feel comfortable trying to sneak “Fast Track” to the floor again.  By taking action together, we can beat back “Fast Track” now and into the future.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Please urge your Members of Congress to protect the economy, environment and public health by opposing “Fast Track” legislation.

Many thanks,

Your Name, Title


Dear friends:

At the beginning of the year, we warned you about the upcoming trade tsunami. Thanks to your hard work, so far we have successfully fought back the onslaught.  Well hold on to your hats everyone, because the last wave of the 2014 “trade” storm has arrived. And Fast Track is at the center of it all.

Fast Track is an extreme procedure that was used in the past to railroad through Congress the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the World Trade Organization (WTO) and other devastating deals that could not pass under normal democratic procedures.

For 16 of the past 21 years since NAFTA and WTO, Congress has denied presidents this extreme procedure that was initially cooked up by Pres. Nixon.  The five years Fast Track was revived is how we got slammed with the Free Trade Agreement with global unionist assassination capital Colombia and the job-killing Korea deal.

Now President Obama wants Fast Track so he can ram a trio of NAFTA-on-steriods agreement through Congress – the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) and Trade Services Agreement (TISA) .

Given the outrageous provisions the big corporations that love the TPP, TAFTA and TISA have gotten stuffed into these deals, they know they won’t pass without Fast Track – investor privileges to grease more job offshoring, new monopolies for Big Pharma to raise medicine prices, limits on food safety and financial safeguards…

Call your representative to say “no” to Fast Tracking the TPP, TAFTA and TISA.

We’ve managed to fend off Fast Track so far thanks to your activism. But the corporate is  getting ready for the final push. There are reports that U.S. House Speaker John Boehner has a plan to try to force Fast Track through the House during the lame-duck session starting this week.

Ask your representative to reject Fast Track, and work to replace it with a system for negotiating and considering trade agreements that work for We the People, not Big Business.

The clock is ticking. We must act now to make sure our members of Congress vote the right way.

Your Name, Title