Fast Track Day of Action Toolkit

Here are some resources for participating in the April 18th National Day of Action Against Fast Track…

The Basics:

Central website (forthcoming):

Central hashtag: #FastTrackDOA

Promote an Action or Event You’ve Organized in Your Community

List Your Organization as Endorsing the Fast Track Day of Action

Receive Updates on the Day of Action

How-To Organize for the Day of Action:

(1) Pick a Strategic Target:  We want Congress members to oppose Fast Track.  Figure out where your U.S. Representative stands on Fast Track, and organize something that either pressures them to come out against it or thanks them for having already come out against it.

(2) Pick a Time:  The Day of Action is Saturday, April 18th — but any events the week before or week after can be listed as part of the “Day of Action.”  If you’re going to do a door-to-door canvass, a teach-in or a mass march and rally, that Saturday works great.  Alternatively, the House is on recess that Friday, April 17th and Congress members may be at their district offices that day.  A noontime rally or a “drop in” at their office that Friday may make more sense.  It’s up to you!

(3) Pick a Location: Congressional offices are a great site for weekday events — bringing the pressure directly to your target.  They are typically closed on weekends, though, and may or may not make sense for a Saturday event depending on where the particular office is located.  Other possible locations include federal buildings, Chamber of Commerce offices, shuttered factories and mills, border crossings and easily accessible downtown parks.

(4) Pick an Action Format: Are you going to get a few people together to “drop in” to your target’s office during a weekday?  Are you going to do a typical rally with speakers and signs?  Are you doing a Saturday canvass where you go door-to-door in your target’s neighborhood with leaflets?  A public funeral for jobs, the environment and democracy?  “Billionaires for Fast Track” street theater?  A flash mob?  Or something totally new?

(5) Coordinate with Others & Recruit Cosponsors:  Recruit other organizations and individuals to help promote the event by involving them in the planning and asking them to speak.  If you’re in a state with an organizer listed below, please give them a heads up on your plans.

(6) Spend Most of Your Time on Turnout:  List your event online here.  Create a Facebook event page.  Ask others to forward an email about the event to their lists.  Create a leaflet and distribute it at other events in the days leading up.  Call through your contacts list.


#FastTrack DOA Chants

Press Materials

Template Day of Action Media Advisory

Talking Points

Fast Track Is Dead on Arrival

There Is No Acceptable Version of Fast Track

Fact Sheets

AFL-CIO’s “Time for a New Track”

Sierra Club’s “Fast Track Trade Legislation Will Harm Our Environment”

Public Citizen’s “Ten Reasons America Can’t Afford Fast Track”

Information to Deliver to Congressional Offices

550+ Group Letter Opposing Fast Track and Explaining What We Want Instead

Labor Unity Letter Opposing Fast Track

New York Times Article “Trans-Pacific Partnership Seen as Door for Foreign Suits Against U.S.”


Expose the TPP’s “TPP: The Dirtiest Deal You’ve Never Heard Of” (2:40)

AFL-CIO’s “Workers Speak Out on the TPP” (2:15)

ORFTC’s “What Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership?” (4:00)

Ana Tijoux’s “No al TPP” (3:19)

Doctors without Borders’ “Hands Off Our Medicine” (2:15)

Friends of the Earth’s “Peril in the Pacific” (11:11)

Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy’s “Fast Track to an Empty Basket” (2:01)

Lee Camp’s “TPP Moment of Clarity” (4:02)

Consumers International’s “Let’s Stop the TPP” (3:14)

Other Resources

Backbone Campaign’s Light Projection, Giant Banner Building, Bird-Dogging and Other Toolkits

Expose the TPP’s Make Your Own Sticker Toolkit

Sierra Club’s Trade Activist Toolkit

Local Contacts

Alabama: Kathryn Johnson, Global Trade Watch,

Arizona: Kathryn Johnson, Global Trade Watch,

California (southern): Nicole “Kali” Gochmanosky, Citizens Trade Campaign,

California (northern): Xiomara Castro, Citizens Trade Campaign,

Colorado: Lacey Kohlmoos, Global Trade Watch,

Connecticut: Lacey Kohlmoos, Global Trade Watch,

Delaware: Mina Itabashi, Global Trade Watch,

Florida: Deborah Dion, Citizens Trade Campaign,

Georgia: Kathryn Johnson, Global Trade Watch,

Hawaii: Mina Itabashi, Global Trade Watch,

Illinois: Carson Starkey, Illinois Fair Trade Campaign,

Maryland: Mina Itabashi, Global Trade Watch,

Massachusetts: Lacey Kohlmoos, Global Trade Watch,

Michigan: Lacey Kohlmoos, Global Trade Watch,

Minnesota: Kaela Berg, Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition,

Missouri: Lacey Kohlmoos, Global Trade Watch,

Nevada: Mina Itabashi, Global Trade Watch,

New York: Kathryn Johnson, Global Trade Watch,

North Carolina: Kathryn Johnson, Global Trade Watch,

Oregon: Elizabeth Swager, Oregon Fair Trade Campaign,

Pennsylvania: Amy Conahan, Pennsylvania Fair Trade Coalition,

South Carolina: Kathryn Johnson, Global Trade Watch,

Tennessee: Kathryn Johnson, Global Trade Watch,

Texas: Bob Cash, Texas Fair Trade Coalition,

Virginia: Mina Itabashi, Global Trade Watch,

Washington: Gillian Locascio, Washington Fair Trade Coalition,