New York: Rally for a Real NAFTA Replacement

Trump’s NAFTA Proposal Fails on Jobs, Wages, Human Rights & the Environment

Trump Tower (725 Fifth Ave — between E. 56th & E. 57th St)
Noon • Friday, November 30th

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On Friday, November 30th, the U.S., Mexico and Canada will be holding a signing ceremony promoting the White House’s rebranded version of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  Join us in saying Trump’s NAFTA proposal doesn’t cut it for working people in New York and across the continent!

Trump is claiming this is a wonderful new deal for working Americans, when in truth, his proposal fails to include the strong labor and environmental standards with swift and certain enforcement needed to protect jobs, raise wages, defend human rights and safeguard the environment.  As written, NAFTA 2.0 also takes big steps backwards on access to medicine and other important issues.  Substantial changes are needed before there’s a new agreement working people can be happy about.

Please RSVP online here to join us at noon this Friday, November 30th at Trump Tower as people throughout the country demand a real NAFTA replacement that puts people and the planet ahead of corporate profits.  For more info, contact George Kimball at

Can’t make it? 
 You can still make a difference by forwarding this invitation to others and by writing your Members of Congress online here.