NAFTA 2.0 Would Lock In High Medicine Prices

The Trump administration’s proposal for a revised North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) grants new rights for big pharmaceutical companies that would lock in high prices for lifesaving medications at a time when drug prices are already far too high.

Among other serious problems, the White House’s proposed NAFTA deal…

  • Locks in lengthy monopolies that keep prescription drug prices high at a time when policymakers are looking for ways to lower healthcare costs
  • Adds a new 10-year monopoly period for cutting-edge biologic medicines used to treat cancer, arthritis and more
  • Grants additional Big Pharma handouts that block competition from cheaper generic drug makers
  • Keeps medicines prices high at home and imposes high costs on our neighbors in Mexico and Canada

Groups opposed to these harmful provisions include Doctors Without Borders, Consumer Reports, the Alliance for Retired Americans, the American Medical Student Association, Oxfam and many others.

There is growing momentum to tackle the problem of soaring drug costs. That’s why the pharmaceutical industry and other corporate lobby groups are pumping millions of dollars into a campaign to pass NAFTA 2.0 as written.  It would tie Congress’ hands on medicine monopolies, derailing the reforms needed to bring down drug prices.

Please sign the petition to Congress insisting that Big Pharma giveaways be eliminated from the revised NAFTA deal.

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